Earthquake Safety Program Business Outreach

Small Business Support Services

BART is offering Small Business Support Services for the Earthquake Safety Program. Services will be offered to support pre-bid and post-bid interests. The pre-bid services are aimed at helping small, minority, disadvantaged and woman-owned businesses to be prepared and qualified to participate in bids on upcoming Earthquake Safety Program contracts. The post-bid services are aimed at helping small businesses to be successful once they've received work.  For more information about the services, please contact:

Harry Overstreet II, Outreach Specialist
BART Earthquake Safety Program Small Business Support Services
(510) 599-6336

Earthquake Safety Program Procurement Dates

The Earthquake Safety Program does not anticipate procuring additional professional services. Below is a list of estimated advertisement dates for and recently awarded construction contracts. More information on the procurement of each contract is available on BART's Procurement Page.

Contract Number


Advertise Date (Estimated)


K Line 34.5 KV Cable Section Replacement Between KTE and KWS Substations



Last Updated: June 3, 2013