September 12, 2013


- GTFS-RT Feeds are moving

- The Legacy ETA Feed will be discontinued

- The Embedded QuickPlanner and DIY Displays are going away


In 2008 BART introduced the ETA Feed, a basic XML feed of updated train departure times. It was one of the transit industry's first real time, open data services for third party developers and it helped pave the way for a new era of third-party mobile, web and display solutions.

In 2010 the BART ETA Feed became a "legacy service." We stopped all development of it to focus our limited resources on the Real BART API, which offers not only real time ETAs but train length, service advisories, trip plans and much, much more.

Then in 2011 BART worked with Google and an international partnership of transit agencies to launch BART GTFS-RT feeds, which also duplicates data in the legacy ETA feed, as an extension to the BART GTFS feed which was launched in 2008.

Today we're announcing that the Legacy ETA Feed will be discontinued effective November 15, 2013. If you're still using the Legacy ETA Feed we encourage you to switch over to the Real BART API or the BART GTFS-RT feeds as soon as possible.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, effective November 15, 2013 BART GTFS-RT feeds will no longer be available at their current URLs. Instead they will be available at and If you're using BART GTFS-RT, please update your application(s) as soon as possible. Note the change in both domain and directory ("GTRTFS" to "GTFSRT").

Finally, the Embedded QuickPlanner and Do-It-Yourself Display, which were launched back in 2006, will be discontinued due to lack of use. This will also occur November 15, 2013. Data for these services remains available through the Real BART API.

We understand that some of these changes may impact your production services and we sincerely regret any inconvenience. These necessary moves are part of a larger restructuring that includes an overall consolidation of our third party web services and the migration of to a new content management framework. Given the timelines of these larger projects we are unable to provide an extension to the November 15 deadline.

Again, we regret any inconvenience and appreciate your use of BART's developer services.