The BART Plus ticket is good on BART, County Connection, Rio Vista Delta Breeze, Tri Delta Transit, Union City Transit, WestCAT and WHEELS.

The BART Plus ticket works in the BART fare gates like a regular BART ticket, and is valid for a half-month period as a "flash pass" to bus operators. Part A covers the first half of the month and Part B covers the second half.

The BART Plus ticket comes in eight different denominations, each valid for a half-month period. All denominations include UNLIMITED LOCAL BUS RIDES along with stored BART value:

 BART Plus   Stored BART Value
$43 $15
$48 $20
$52 $25
$57 $30
$62 $35
$67 $40
$71 $45
$76 $50


The BART value on the BART Plus ticket expires five days after the end of the half-month period, so only buy as much as you expect to use.

When the remaining value on the BART Plus is as low as 5 cents, you'll get one final ride on BART -- no matter how much the fare is. This is called the "Last Ride Bonus."

You may buy a ticket for the next time period before the period starts, but you cannot use the ticket until the first day of the time period.

BART Plus tickets may be purchased only from the ticket vending machines in the following BART stations: Concord, Dublin/Pleasanton, El Cerrito del Norte, Lafayette, North Concord, Orinda, Pittsburg/Bay Point, Pleasant Hill, Union City, Walnut Creek, West Dublin/Pleasanton. The ticket vending machine will vend Part A from the 21st to 5th of the month and vend Part B from the 6th to 20th of the month. Use cash, debit or credit card to pay.

Sorry, we cannot refund unused stored value in whole or in part, nor can we refund tickets purchased in error. If you have a problem with a BART Plus ticket, bring your ticket to a station agent. Do not return it to the place of purchase! If the ticket is damaged, the agent will stamp the ticket "invalid" and return it to you. You can continue to use the BART Plus ticket as a fast pass until the end of the period, but you will have to purchase a regular BART ticket to ride BART. At the end of the time period, you can take the ticket stamped "invalid" back to a station agent, who will help you submit a refund request for the remaining BART value.

Terms and Conditions

  • BART
    BART Plus may be used to pay for the daily parking fee if there is sufficient stored value available on the ticket. BART Plus not accepted at addfare machines because of the Last-Ride BART bonus.
  • County Connection
    BART Plus is valid on all routes except the County Connection Link.
  • Rio Vista Delta Breeze
    BART Plus valid on all local routes and accepted as local fare credit on routes to Contra Costa County.
  • Tri Delta Transit
    BART Plus valid as local fare credit on all local routes. Not valid on services outside the local area including the 49er Express Service.
  • Union City Transit
    BART Plus valid as local fare credit on all routes.
  • West CAT
    BART Plus valid as local fare credit on buses operating local and feeder routes and on Martinez Link (30Z). Also valid as full credit on the local portion of the Lynx, but not valid on the Lynx transbay service.  
  • WHEELS (Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton)
    BART Plus valid on all local routes.