19th St Oakland Bike Station


Due to the Shelter-in-Place order and steep decline in BART ridership during the COVID-19 crisis, not all attended BART bike stations are open. For regular updates, please check our Bikes on BART page. 

Design for the future, new 19th St Bike Station is ongoing during the crisis.


Between 2008 and 2015, the number of bicycle trips from home to 19th St/Oakland BART Station increased by over 300%, making the bicycle mode share at this station the highest in the system (14%; see Table 1). Correspondingly, 19th St/Oakland BART Station has the highest demand for secure bicycle parking in the entire BART District, as explained in the 2017 Bicycle Program Capital Plan

Table 1. Mode Share of Home-Based Trips to 19th St/Oakland BART Station

Mode Share of Home-Based Trips to 19th St/Oakland BART Station table


The existing 19th Street/Oakland Bike Station is an attended facility at 1775 Broadway (corner of 19th St.) with capacity for 130 securely parked bicycles. It typically serves both BART riders and visitors of Uptown Oakland Monday through Friday from 7 am to 9 pm.

Current 19th St bike station

Current 19th St bike station

Within less than a year of its opening in 2014, the bike station started filling up regularly on weekday mornings. It has been so successful that in June 2019, after operating it for five years, BART decided to extend the lease for the space for another three years to allow time for the construction of a new bike station with capacity for 400 bicycles.


The goal of this project is to support and increase bicycle access trips to 19th St/Oakland BART Station in accordance with BART’s 2016 Station Access Policy and Targets.


The 13,000 sq ft parcel at 2029 Broadway Street (corner of 21st Street), bordered on two sides by the Paramount Theater, is owned by BART. It is currently leased and operated as a parking lot.  

The size and location of what is built on the parcel are limited because the BART tunnel passes under the outside corner of the lot approximately 25 feet below ground, resulting in a zone of influence that affects nearly the entire parcel. BART can, however, build a small structure such as a Bike Station on the site, and that’s our plan. Owning its own bike station will allow BART to reduce its ongoing operating cost because BART won’t need to lease a storefront in the future.

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Planned 19th St bike station bird's eye view location rendering


BART has completed the Conceptual Design & Engineering Phase of the project, which included defining the program, outreach to internal and external stakeholders, a preliminary structural analysis, a cultural and historical assessment of the site, preliminary cost estimates, preliminary field investigations and utilities research, and filing a categorical exemption for the project. 


The design concept is understated so as not to compete with the site’s significant landmark neighbor, the Paramount Theater. The tall parapet will serve as canvas for a yet-to-be-selected art installation.

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Planned 19th St bike station rendering 3

Planned 19th St bike station rendering

Planned 19th St bike station rendering 2

Broadway will serve as the front door to two independent spaces: The attended side, with a small retail and bike repair component; and the self-service side, intended to support those who may wish to drop off or retrieve their bicycles outside the hours of operation of the attended side.

Planned 19th St bike station blueprint

The attended bicycle storage space will be in the back and will consist of a more shed-like structure rather than a fully-enclosed and air/temperature-controlled space. 


The current estimate for the project is between $8M and $9M. This estimate will be revised as design progresses.  

As of August 2020, the project has the following funding secured: 

  • $1,17M BART Measure RR 

BART staff continues to seek additional outside funding to cover the current funding shortfall.


BART is currently working on 35% Design/Preliminary Engineering for the project and intends to take the project throught to 100% Design. The project schedule will depend on availability of outside funding for construction.


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