Customer Services Center

BART has a Customer Services Center located in the Lake Merritt BART Station at 800 Madison St in Oakland.  Following are the services we provide to our customers from this location.  If what you need is not listed below, please call 510-464-6000 and you will be given further information and assistance.

Tickets Available for Purchase

We accept cash, debit and credit cards up to $500, and approved transit vouchers.

*2018 CHANGES: Starting January 1, 2018, BART fares will increase by an inflation-based average 2.7%. There will also be a 50 cent surcharge per trip for Blue tickets and a prorated per trip surcharge of 19 cents for Green tickets (seniors) and Red tickets (people with disabilities). Red tickets for youth age 5 through 18 will receive a 50% discount and pay a 25 cent surcharge per trip. Riders are encouraged to get the applicable Clipper Card ( to avoid the surcharge. 

Tickets for Sale include:

blue ticket

High Value BLUE Tickets

$45 ($48 Ride Value)    $60 ($64 Ride Value)


green ticket

GREEN Senior Tickets (65 years & older)

$9 ($24 Ride Value)


red ticket

RED Tickets for Youth 5-18 years.

$12 ($24 Ride Value)

RED Tickets for Qualified Persons with disabilities

$ 9 ($24 Ride Value)


Orange Ticket

ORANGE Ticket exchanges

Damaged and Demagnetized Orange tickets can be replaced by another $16.00 orange ticket. If your cash value is less than $16, you must add cash so that you can get a new $16.00 ticket.

Paratransit Ticket Books

To apply for ADA paratransit eligibility go to:  We sell tickets for this service

$10 book of 10 Tickets

$40 book of 40 Tickets

Bicycle Locker Rental and Bike Link Cards

Call 510.464.7133 to inquire about the availability of monthly bike locker rentals. We also sell Bike Link Cards for use with daily electronic bike lockers located throughout the system at various locations. See for information about your station.

Clipper Services


We will load value onto Clipper Cards, including e-cash and passes for all participating Clipper Transit operators (AC Transit, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, San Francisco Muni, SamTrans, VTA, Napa Solano).  We distribute adult and senior Clipper cards.  Youth applications can be picked up and dropped off at the Customer Services Center, but the card will be sent to you in the mail.

For issues such as Clipper refunds, funding problems, or reporting of lost or stolen cards, go to, or call 877-878-8883.

Tickets by Mail
Send us a completed mail order form with a check or money order to receive your tickets by mail. Visit also for Tickets by Mail form. 

Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Identification Cards

Qualified persons with disabilities can obtain and process an application for the card at this office.  If the application is approved, a card will be mailed to you.  For more information go to:

Applications are accepted between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. -  Monday-Friday.

Group Sales and Bulk Ticket Orders

If you are travelling in a group or wish to purchase multiple tickets of a particular denomination, you can get these tickets directly from our Treasury Department.  This includes student field trips. Students travelling in a group on an educational field trip sponsored by a school, can get a 62.5% discount for students up to age 18.  Chaperones must pay full price. To take advantage of this service, please make arrangements with us at least 3 weeks in advance. Call 510-464-6949 for more information. Chaperones are expected to facilitate the courteous and safe behavior of students travelling on BART for their excursion.