BART Board of Directors to Hear Info On Beverage Policy


BART Board of Directors to Hear Info On Beverage Policy

The BART Board of Directors will hear information at its meeting Thursday about whether riders should be allowed to drink beverages on trains. The current policy bans eating and drinking on trains and anywhere inside the paid areas of stations.

An idea had been proposed to let riders drink beverages, but only in BART-licensed, spill-resistant mugs. Concerns were raised about the cleanliness of trains and stations with more possible spills and about increased cleaning and enforcement costs.

A report from BART's Marketing and Research Department looked at customer opinions about the potential policy change. Customers taking a BART survey were split on whether allowing drinks on trains was a good idea.  After reading a list of arguments for and against the change, 36 percent of respondents said they supported the change and 45 percent said they opposed it.

Staff continues to recommend that the no drinking policy remain in place. More detail on the issue can be found in the board agenda section of