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BART Perks Beta -  Frequently Asked Questions

What is BART Perks?

BART Perks Beta is a six-month pilot program to test a new platform that rewards riders for their BART travel based on when they commute.   Perks is funded primarily through a $500,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration, and builds on the lessons learned from a previous pilot conducted in 2016.  Perks ends on June 30th, 2019.  

What is the purpose of the program?

The main goal of the program is to test whether incentives can be used to encourage BART travel at less crowded times and places, including before and after rush hour and on evenings and weekends.  The program evaluation approach is being guided by university professors with expertise in behavior change.        

Who can participate?

Perks is being tested at a small scale to determine its effectiveness before BART decides whether to scale up to a larger group.  Enrollment goals for the program have been met and enrollment is currently closed.  To be notified about future enrollment opportunities, send an email to  

How do I log in? 

Downloading the Official BART mobile application from Google Play or the App Store, and login under "Profile".  You may also login via the BART website at  You must verify your email address before logging in.  

How do I earn points?

Perks develops customized point offers for you based on when you ride.   You can view your offers after logging in to your profile in the new BART mobile app.  You will also be notified of new offers by email.  Offers will consist of points for entering or exiting BART at specific times or places.    Offers may range from a quarter to more than a dollar per BART trip.   Some offers may be turned on or off so that their effectiveness can be better evaluated.         

How do I redeem points? 

You can redeem your points for electronic gift cards at the $5 (1,00 points), $10 (2,000 points) and $20 (4,000 points) levels.  Login to Perks through or via the BART Official mobile application, and click on redeem points.  Select a card and a gift card redemption code will be emailed to you instantly. 

Which gift cards can I choose? 

You can choose from up to ten gift cards including pre-paid Visa, Amazon, Target, Itunes, Ebay, Starbucks, Walmart, Best Buy, and Sephora.  You may also select a Tango gift card which is redeemable at more than 60 additional retailers such as Google Play, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, REI, Barnes and Noble, CVS, and many others, and with numerous charities.  

Why can’t I choose rewards from local businesses?

To test the Perks platform, BART is using an off-the-shelf provider of a wide range of national gift card choices, because of the quick setup time.  If Perks becomes a permanent program, BART may consider exploring partnerships with local merchants.  

How come my rewards aren’t loaded back on my Clipper card?

Technical limitations prevent BART from loading rewards back on participants Clipper cards.  The regional agency that manages Clipper is working to upgrade the technology so that it can accommodate loading of rewards in the future. 

What happens to my points and rewards after the program ends?

After the Perks pilot program ends, users will have 90 days to redeem any remaining gift cards.  Users must have at least 1,000 points to be able to redeem a gift card.  Any point balance left over after gift card redemption will be returned to BART after 90 days.  

How do I change my account settings or opt-out of Perks? 

You can change your password and Clipper card number under account profile/ settings.   If you change your Clipper card number, it may take a few days to update with your new trip history, but once verified, you’ll be credited with all trips made since your initial change request was made.    To opt-out of Perks, click unsubscribe within the Perks pages of the BART app. 

I took a trip but it’s not reflected in my account.

Your trip data may take several hours to load.  If you do not see your trip data after 24 hours, please contact to resolve the issue. 

One of my trip records appears to be inaccurate

Go to your trip/point history and select the trip record and then select “report an issue”.  The trip data will populate an email you can send to describing the problem.  

What happens to my points at the end of the program?

Users will have 90 days (until September 30th, 2019) to redeem their reward points.  Users must have the minimum point value (1,000 points) necessary to redeem.  Point values of less than this minimum will be returned to BART so the program can be closed out.

Will Perks become a permanent program?

BART Perks will end on June 30th, after which BART will evaluate the program’s effectiveness and determine next steps.      

Previous Perks program

To learn more about the Phase I Perks test program, which ran from September 2016 to April 2017, read the Perks Phase I press release or final report


For general inquiries and customer service, email

Members of the press should contact BART’s Communications Department Manager, Alicia Trost:, 510-464-6154