Giants Night Games

BART will be providing additional trains serving limited stops after regular BART service ends for fans departing San Francisco Giants night games. The special service begins June 25 for the Bay Bridge series against the Oakland A’s and will continue for every night game until August 2, 2021, when midnight BART service returns Monday-Saturday.

The special service will include limited stops and will only serve Pleasant Hill, Bay Fair, El Cerrito del Norte, MacArthur, and West Oakland stations in the East Bay, and Embarcadero, 16th Street Mission, and Daly City in San Francisco.

Only the Embarcadero Station will be open for entering after regular BART service ends.

Special Service Details

Four special event trains will leave Embarcadero at around 10:30pm. Fans should be on the Embarcadero platform by 10:25pm.

  • One train will take riders from Embarcadero and will stop at 16th Street Mission and Daly City stations only. No other stops will be made along the line.
  • A second train will take riders to West Oakland, MacArthur, and Pleasant Hill only. No other stops will be made along the line.
  • A third train will take riders to West Oakland and Bay Fair only. No other stops will be made along the line.
  • A fourth train will take riders to West Oakland, MacArthur, and El Cerrito del Norte only. No other stops will be made along the line.

These trains have been timed to allow fans to stay the average length of a nine-inning game. BART will not hold trains any longer even if games go later. Fans must be on the platform at Embarcadero by 10:25pm to take BART home. BART also runs four trains leaving Embarcadero at 11:30pm serving limited stops after regular BART service ends on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through July 31, 2021. Learn more about this special limited service. 

Muni will offer connecting services from the ballpark to the Embarcadero Station. The T Third and Shuttle trains will provide post-game service to Embarcadero Station only. This limited post-game service will terminate before 10:25pm. Fans wishing to continue to West Portal must transfer to an outbound Metro bus on Market Street. All other Muni Metro train service will end at 9pm. All stations except Embarcadero will close at 9pm. You can get more details at Muni's website.


  • Fans driving to BART to take the train to the game should park at one of these stations being served: Pleasant Hill, El Cerrito del Norte, MacArthur, Bay Fair, West Oakland, and Daly City. 16th Street Mission does not have a BART parking lot.
  • BART parking is free after 3pm on Monday-Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays, except for Milpitas and Berryessa/North San Jose which is operated by The Valley Transportation Authority and their parking rates still apply. Consult the VTA's site for more info on parking: Parking at the Milpitas & Berryessa Transit Centers | VTA
  • BART will add these special trains as special service to the Trip Planner. The trains will be labelled as:
    • West Oak-MacArthur-Pleasant Hill ONLY
    • West Oakland-Bay Fair ONLY
    • W Oak-MacArthur-El Cerrito Del Norte ONLY
    • 16th St-Daly City ONLY
  • The additional trains will all be long trains. Masks are required while riding. 
  • Load your Clipper card in advance with enough funds for the round trip.
  • Montgomery Station will be closed, and fans can only enter at Embarcadero to take the event trains.

These special trips have been added to the BART Trip Planner. You can use the BART Trip Planner for specific arrival times for each station.

Map showing limited stops as Embarcadero, 16th, Daly City, Pleasant Hill, MacArthur, del Norte, Bay Fair, West Oakland