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1. About You

If you wish to file your complaint anonymously, please leave the contact information fields blank. However, if you would like to receive communication about the status of your complaint, we suggest entering an email address or phone number. Alternatively, you may also call us at (510) 874-7477 regarding your complaint.

2. About the Incident

Location of Incident (Please be as descriptive as possible -- any information listed may prove helpful in investigating your complaint.)

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3. Victim/Witness Information

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4. Involved Police Officer Information

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5. Incident Description

Please describe the incident that forms the basis of your complaint. The more detail you are able to supply, the better equipped an investigator will be to conduct a thorough investigation:

6. Verification

  In order to submit your complaint you must first check this box to verify that the information you are submitting is true, to the best of your knowledge.