Crowded Car Survival Guide
BART is carrying record ridership, serving over 400,000 trips on most days. Here's your Crowded Car Survival Guide. Read more
Night owls note:
Why BART doesn't run 24/7
We're frequently asked why BART trains don't run all night, or at least late enough to get partiers home from the clubs of San Francisco. Here's some background on that. Late night
Open data:
BART's developer resources
Our expanded API drives dozens of web and mobile apps with real time information, schedules, alerts and more. We've got embedded trip planners and DIY displays, too! Learn more
Go Mobile:
web, apps, SMS and email alerts
BART is on more mobile platforms than you can shake a stick at: get real time departures, advisories, trip planners, fares, schedules and more while you're on the go. Read More
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