Energy at BART

BART Releases Renewable Energy Request for Proposals

BART is soliciting competitive proposals for the purchase of RPS-eligible renewable energy. BART uses approximately 400,000 MWh/year to provide rapid transit service throughout the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and San Mateo, with service expected to begin in Santa Clara County in 2018. Under authority granted by Section 701.8 of the California Public Utilities Code (“PUC”), BART has wide latitude to buy electricity from various sources, including those defined as eligible renewable energy resources under PUC §399.12.

Through this RFP, BART seeks to purchase renewable energy to meet a significant portion of its electric energy needs. The RFP is open to projects 5 MW and larger, with deliveries beginning between 2019 and 2024 with a term of 10 to 30 years. BART seeks to purchase between 15,000 MWh and 350,000 MWh per year through this RFP. This RFP will only consider off-site renewable projects – i.e. projects not sited on BART property or assets, or otherwise located on the load side of a BART premise electric meter.

As described in the RFP itself, BART embraces creativity and encourages Bidders to present services, product offerings, and contract terms in addition to standard offerings to help BART maximize market opportunities and mitigate market risks.

All RFP materials can be found here.


BART Board adopts Wholesale Electricity Portfolio Policy

BART is one of the largest consumers of electric power in Northern California, using about 400,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually. This is about as much as the City of Alameda uses each year. The composition of BART’s power portfolio impacts the greenhouse gas ("GHG") footprint of everyone who relies upon BART. By adopting the Wholesale Electricity Portfolio Policy, BART is strengthening the region's commitment to sustainability.

Highlights of the policy include performance measures to maintain low and stable BART operating costs, and to achieve a wholesale electric portfolio that:

  • Has an average emission factor no greater than 100 lbs-CO2e/MWh during the period 2017 through 2024 (inclusive).
  • Is from at least 50% Eligible Renewable sources and from at least 90% low and zero carbon sources by 2025.
  • Is 100% from zero carbon sources by 2035.
  • Is 100% from Eligible Renewable sources by 2045.


The full policy can be found here (pdf).


Energy at BART - Background Materials

  • CA Public Utility Code 701.8 (link)
  • PG&E BART CPUC-Jurisdictional Distribution Agreement (pdf)
  • PG&E BART FERC-Jurisdictional Interconnection Agreement (pdf)
  • BART Wholesale Electricity Portfolio Plan (pdf; 3/9/17)


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