Short Range Transit Plan/Capital Improvement Program (SRTP/CIP) 

The Short Range Transit Plan/Capital Improvement Program (SRTP/CIP) provides an overview of BART’s long-term operating and capital financial outlook, as required by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).  It covers 10 years, from Fiscal Year 2015 through Fiscal Year 2024.  The FY15 SRTP/CIP has a new format with two component documents:

Here are key findings from the final FY15 SRTP/CIP:

BART’s operating financial forecast identifies revenues and expenses associated with operating and maintaining BART.  Projected operating needs over the 10-year timeframe total $9.8 billion, with a projected $500 million shortfall.  BART has identified potential solutions to the projected deficit and has committed to balance each future year budget.

BART’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a projection of all BART’s capital needs, regardless of funding availability.  For the 10-year timeframe, $9.6 billion is needed to fully fund the CIP.  BART has already identified $320 million in capital funding and projects another $4.5 billion of capital funding over the next 10 years.  Approximately $4.8 billion remains unfunded, 50% of the total capital need.

The final FY15 SRTP/CIP was approved by the BART Board of Directors at the Board’s October 9, 2014 meeting. If you have questions or comments about the FY15 SRTP/CIP or would like a hard copy mailed to you, please email

FY15 Preliminary Budget Memo

In Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15), our focus will be on rebuilding after the challenges of the past year. The FY15 Preliminary Budget reflects our commitment to rebuilding the District’s aging infrastructure, rebuilding relationships with employees, and rebuilding the confidence of our riders and the public in BART. As the region becomes ever more reliant on BART, our success in these areas is essential in order to continue to provide the dependable, on-time service the region needs.

FY15 Preliminary Budget Memo


Adopted Budgets

The documents below describe Operating Budgets adopted by the BART Board of Directors, including the data and assumptions used to develop the budget.  The Budget Pamphlet and Resource Manual reflect the budget prior to adoption.

FY15 Budget Pamphlet
FY 15 Resource Manual
FY13 Adopted Budget
 FY15 Adopted Budget Resolution

Quarterly Report of the Controller Treasurer

Quarterly Report for the Controller Treasure 6.30.14.pdf


Audited Financial Reports

The District's Audited Financial Reports were prepared in compliance with the requirements of GASB Statement No. 34. They includes the Management's Discussion and Analysis, the Statement of Net Assets, the Statement of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Fund Net Assets, the Statement of Cash Flows and the Notes to Financial Statements.

FY14 Audited Financial Report

FY 2013 Audited Financial Report
FY 2012 Audited Financial Report
FY 2011 Audited Financial Report
FY 2010 Audited Financial Report
FY 2009 Audited Financial Report
FY 2008 Audited Financial Report
FY 2007 Audited Financial Report
FY 2006 Audited Financial Report
FY 2005 Audited Financial Report
FY 2004 Audited Financial Report
FY 2003 Audited Financial Report
FY 2002 Audited Financial Report
FY 2001 Audited Financial Report
FY 2000 Audited Financial Report


Sales Tax Revenue


FY2015 (Q1)$58,181,517
FY2015 (Q2)$59,826,199
FY 2015 (Q3)$59,909,804
FY 2014 $221,149,315
FY 2013 $208,560,693
FY 2012$195,213,546
FY 2011$180,819,206
FY 2010$166,519,817
FY 2009$184,285,565
FY 2008$202,632,203
FY 2007$198,805,258
FY 2006$191,679,598
FY 2005$178,391,706
FY 2004$170,566,337


Projects Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) program, BART is investing more than $82 million in stimulus funding to complete 12 projects to improve service safety, reliability and comfort.

BART ARRA-funded Projects

Employee Reimbursements

Reports of employee reimbursements in compliance with California Government Code 53065.5:

2014 Employee Reimbursements (300k .xls)
2013 Employee Reimbursements (210k .xls)
2012 Employee Reimbursements (254k .xls)
2011 Employee Reimbursements (174k .xls)

2010 Employee Reimbursements (215k .xls)
2009 Employee Reimbursements (396k .xls)



Gift to Agency Report

This form is for use by all state and local government agencies to disclose payments made to the agency when the payments provide a personal benefit to an official of the agency.

Form 801: January 21, 2011