Permits for Film, Video and Photos

BART requires those who wish to videotape, film or shoot still photos on BART property while engaged in a commercial, educational or non-profit activity to have a photography permit. The Communications Department issues these permits. BART charges both a $300 application fee ($30 for students—applying students see item [3] below) plus a location fee, which varies depending on the scope of the shoot (see "Photography Fee Policy" link below). Additionally, BART charges for staff time. A BART Police Officer or BART staff member will escort those without a permit off BART property. Manadatory insurance requirements can be found at the link below.

BART is a Bay Area icon. As such, it attracts more than a few amateur photographers. If you are a paying passenger making your way from point A to point B, then there is no specific prohibition to taking photographs in areas that are accessible to the public provided you do not appear to be a security threat, involved in a commercial activity or harassing other riders. If, however, you appear to be taking photographs of potentially sensitive areas or obviously involved in some commercial enterprise like an advertising agency, BART employees, especially BART Police Officers, may approach you and ask you to identify yourself and possibly take further action against you.
If you want a permit, please download the application, as well the insurance requirements and fee policy (links to pdfs below). Before you fill out the application, please note the following: 

  1. BART must receive both your application and application fee, in the form of a certified check or money order, no less than 15 business days (excluding BART administrative holidays) before your first proposed shoot date. There can be no exceptions to this rule for two main reasons. First, we need time to process the application, which includes an insurance review. Second, we will need this time to determine staffing needs and assign the necessary employees to your project.
  2. BART will not process your application until after we have received your application fee, which must be in the form of a certified check or money order. The application fee is $300. Students pay $30.
  3. Students will be required to show proof they are registered in an accredited learning institution as well as proof that the shoot must be for a current school project for credit.
  4. Please follow the directions on the application carefully so you know where to send your application and where you send your fee. BART will not discuss whether or not the application will be approved until you have submitted your application and fees.
  5. BART will not issue any permit until all fees, including location fees and staff time fees, are paid in full via certified check or money order.
  6. BART will not issue permits until its Insurance Department approves all of your required insurance certificate(s).

Insurance Requirements for Film/Video and Photography (.pdf)
Photography Fee Policy and sample fee schedule (.pdf)

Permit Application Form (.pdf)