Balboa Park Station Modernization Plan

Seeking Community Input!

BART is seeking input at the 8/26 Balboa Park Upper Yard Community Workshop for the BART Patron Drop-off Zone and Transit Plaza.  We have prepared a survey asking our patrons and the community how theywould like to use the space and what improvements and features theywould like to see.  We will continue to seek input throughout the month of September so please share with all interested parties.  Please note that the process will be short and focused as we are aiming to complete 30% design by Spring 2018 to position BART for grant opportunities.  We will return to the community and to our patrons in Winter 2017 with more information and input.

Balboa Park Upper Yard Graphic

Balboa Park Station Modernization Plan

Balboa Park Modernization

As part of our Station Modernization effort, BART is currently developing design and construction cost estimates for Balboa Park Station. The goal of the project is to develop and prioritize potential station improvements to upgrade and modernize the station’s function, safety and security, capacity, sustainability, appearance, and improve the customer experience.  BART is partnering with the City and the community to develop a station area vision that will inform the modernization work.

The Plan will position BART to partner and seek funding for implementation.

Project Status

BART and City staff are closely coordinating on a number of station area initiatives including the Modernization Plan, Upper Yard Housing Project, Geneva-San Jose Intersection Study, I-280 Interchange Modifications, and Geneva Car Barn.  

BART staff hopes to return to the stakeholders in the Fall/Winter 2017 with more information on station area improvements.

Outreach Events and Surveys

BART is looking into improving how the station functions and the overall customer experience as part of the BART Station Modernization projcets. In order to get customer feedback on the proposed improvements, BART Staff held two in-station events at Balboa Park Station to discuss the future of the station on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Results of these in-station events will be shared as they are compiled. 

In the meantime, you can download the display boards explaining the proposed Balboa Park Modenization Plan by clicking here. (In Chinese (Simplified) | 简体中文) (In Spanish | En Español)

BART also wants your input! Please help shape the future of Balboa Park BART Station by sharing your thoughts on the Balboa Park Station Modernization Plan and potential changes to Balboa Park Station Passenger Drop Off/Pick Up locations by clicking on the following links to take two short surveys:

Balboa Park Station Modernization Plan Survey (In Chinese (Simplified) | 简体中文) (In Spanish | En Español)

Balboa Park Station Passenger Drop Off/Pick Up Location Survey

Balboa Park Eastide Connection Project

BART is also currently working on the Balboa Park Eastside Connection project, which is a multi-agency project including BART, SFMTA and SFCTA that will improve accessibility, convenience, safety, and security at the station.

Project Details

Project Goals

  • Enhance Balboa Park Station to establish it as an inviting public space and community hub
  • Modernize and update the physical condition of the station
  • Ensure that the station reflects BART’s sustainability goals
  • Improve the station’s access, capacity, and operations
  • Support neighborhood vision and integrate an improved Balboa Park Station with community priorities

As part of our Station Modernization effort, BART is currently developing a comprehensive vision for this station as a gateway station. The goal of the project is develop a comprehensive vision to upgrade and modernize the station. The Vision is to modernize the station so that it demonstrates BART’s commitment to advancing transit ridership, improving the transit experience, enhancing the quality of life around the stations and meeting BART’s needs for the future. The station modernization revolves around the themes of:

Vibrancy – Reflect the energy of the surrounding community and enhance the station’s existing strengths

Connectivity – Strengthen multi-modal and universal access to the station and promote a safe and comfortable customer experience

Sustainability – Incorporate sustainable materials and technologies into the station to increase the life-cycle value of the station’s infrastructure and to conserve natural resources and protect the public investment

The improvements focus on increasing safety, capacity, sustainability, appearance, and enhancing the customer experience. In developing potential improvements for the station, BART has undertaken a planning process to:

  • Identify existing station deficiencies
  • Consider impacts of development and growth on station ridership
  • Understand future access, capacity and operational issues 
  • Consider art & place-making improvements
  • Coordinate conversation with stakeholders
  • Engage the community to help identify and prioritize improvements

Project Materials

Balboa Park Station Plan Display Boards 

To download the Display Boards describing the Balboa Park Station Modernization Plan in detail please click on the link below:

Balboa Park Station Modernization Plan Display Boards (In Chinese (Simplified) | 简体中文) (In Spanish | En Español)

Balboa Park BART Station Modernization Plan Graphic

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