Balboa Park Eastside Connection

Westside Entrance




  • Objectives: Enhance accessibility, convenience, visibility + sightlines, safety + security, and placemaking
  • Multi-agency coordination with BART, SFMTA + SFCTA

Eastside Entrance


  • 1. Accessible, structurally reinforced pathway from the completed Westside Project over the concrete planter
  • 2. New Eastside deck and head house structure
  • 3. New accessible pathway – with relocated utility poles - to Muni Metro key stop
  • 4. Elevated accessible pathway and continuous railing to the existing station entrance, as well as a new entrance by the BART ticket vending machines/faregates.
  • 5. Potential interior upgrades: clerestory glass panels, travertine panels, pigeon netting, and enhanced lighting.


  • Cost Estimate = $10.5M
  • Sources: Prop 1B, Lifeline + Prop K


  • Design/Engineering Underway
  • Coordinated with SFMTA Green Yard Rail Replacement Project
  • Final Design in Winter 2014
  • Construction in 2014/2015

BP Eastside Connection

BP Eastside Connection

BP Eastside Connection

BP Eastside Connection

BP Eastside Connection


Information is preliminary and may be subject to refinement. Revised May 21, 2013


Last Updated: June 24, 2013