Report for BART API Uptime (ETD): Last 30 days

Since 2010, the Real BART API ( has been a one-stop shop for your next killer app:

  • Complete BART trip plans from BART's official trip planning engine, including transfers
  • Car crowding levels, special schedule notices, service advisories, and fare calculations
  • Real time estimates by platform, including direction and car length
  • Abbreviated service advisories (< 160 characters, like we use in our SMS services)
  • Station information, and so much more...

There are two ways to get an API Validation Key:

No strings attached:
We've never asked you to register for BART open data and our License Agreement is one of the least restrictive in the business. So whether you're kicking the tires or taking it to production, just give our customers good information and don't hog community resources: 


Strings with benefits:
If you sign up for your own key you'll still be able to access the API if it turns into a tragedy of the commons. Plus you'll get a backstage pass to check out pre-release functionality that might just break everything you're working on -- or maybe give you a leg up in the marketplace.

Stay on top of changes
This API will change and evolve. To keep up, subscribe to the opt-in email list or the BART Developers Google Group.

Don't use the BART logo
Only we get to use official BART trademarks and copyrighted works to let customers know they're getting info directly from BART versus one of the tons of other places that use BART open data.

Don't forget about us
Give us a shout out or a link back and let us know about the cool stuff you're doing.