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BART is on more mobile platforms than you can shake a stick at: get real time departures, advisories, trip planners, fares, schedules and more while you're on the go. Here are your options...


Official BART information everywhere you go! We've got real time departures, delay advisories, trip plans, schedules, station information and more. Point your mobile browser to and you're good to go.

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Message ReceivedEmail and SMS
Just tell us when and where and we'll send BART service advisories when you're on-the-go. Or you can use our on-demand SMS service to request ETAs and other updates whenever you want.

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wireless deviceThird Party Apps
BART was one of the first in the country to release open format data for third party developers to use. Now there are a ton of mobile apps for BlackBerry, Android, mobile web and other platforms.

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