East Contra Costa BART Extension (eBART) Chronology

Project Milestones

  • 1999 BART Board adopted the System Expansion Policy
  • 2001 Feasibility study began, co-led by BART and CCTA
  • 2002 Feasibility study completed
  • 2003 Fund allocations halted
  • 2004 Regional Measure 2 passes with $96 million for eBART. Measure J passes with $150 million for eBART
  • 2005 Environmental review and Preliminary Engineering begins
  • 2009 Project Development Phase completed and Final Design Phase advances
  • 2011 Construction commenced
  • 2017 Service scheduled to begin

Comment from a resident:

"Please do all that can be done to expedite eBART to Antioch and beyond. I have lived in Antioch for 12 years and a trip that used to take an hour now takes two, due to the congestion on Highway 4 and the lack of parking at the Pittsburg station. I love living in the East Bay, but getting out of it in the morning and back into it in the evening may force me to move soon."  - Antioch Resident                                                              

 Hillcrest Station Rendering

Last Updated: March 7, 2013