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Thanks in advance for filling out the survey. BART ridership has been at a record high—with many days exceeding 450,000 trips on the system and some customers telling us that they are unable to board trains or experience crush load conditions. Your input will help BART decide whether or not to modify more train cars to open up space and ease passenger crowding during the commute.

BART is testing three modified seating layouts (see diagrams below). Seats have been replaced with open space to create more room for people to ride, and handholds have been added to provide standees more places to hold on. This is a temporary measure to ease crowding as BART awaits the arrival of the first batch of new train cars in 2017. To learn more about the 775 new train cars BART has on order, visit bart.gov/cars.



Seating Layout Split Row

Seating Layout 4x2

Seating Layout 8x1

BART plans to add test cars gradually, increasing to 20 cars of each layout (60 cars in total). This represents 9% of BART’s 669 car fleet.    



This pilot program is the next in our series of steps to run as many cars and trains as possible to ease crowding while we wait for our new train cars to arrive. Last year, BART dedicated funds in our budget to add more repair and maintenance crews and shifts to help get every available train car into service. Our skilled workers even brought back into service multiple cars that were once considered beyond repair. And in September 2015, we added capacity and tried to ease crowding on our busiest lines by putting more cars and trains into service during the peak and early evening periods.

Thank you for your patience as we work to accommodate our growing ridership.



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