North Concord to Antioch BART Access Study

Map of North Concord to Antioch Access Study Area

Project Purpose

Anticipating the extension of BART in 2018 to Antioch, BART is studying how access to stations in Eastern Contra Costa County can be improved.   For North Concord/Martinez and Pittsburg/Bay Point stations and the future stations at Pittsburg Center and Antioch, the North Concord to Antioch BART Access Study will identify potential access improvement projects to enhance pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and vehicular access.  The projects identified can be implemented over time and in partnership with local municipalities as funding becomes available.  Access improvements could include:

  • New pedestrian/bicycle routes (Class I, II, III, or IV)
  • New pedestrian/bicycle bridges
  • Enhanced/new crosswalks
  • Wayfinding
  • Additional or reconfigured parking
  • Intermodal facility (bus) improvements
  • Reconfigured passenger pick‐up and drop‐off areas
  • Operational improvements such as reduction in speed limits or signal timing adjustments
  • Secure bicycle parking, improved lighting, and security features
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Parking management programs

North Concord to Antioch BART Access Study - Existing Conditions and Preliminary Project Identification - DRAFT February 2017

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