Warm Springs Extension Construction Updates

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For more information about the BART Warm Springs Extension project, please call the Project Information Line at (510) 476-3900 or email bartwarmspringsextension@bart.gov. You can also visit our Community Relations Staff in the Project Field Office at 47212 Mission Falls Court in Fremont, California. Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

New! Construction Cameras for Warm Springs Extension Construction

Visit our construction cameras at http://oxblue.com/open/SFBART/WarmSpringsExt to view near real-time project construction. We have two cameras, one showing construction at the new Warm Springs / South Fremont Station site, and a second showing work at the Fremont Station. The cameras take a still photo every 10 minutes, enabling us to show progress as it happens.

Construction Photo Slideshow

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Notification #55: Walnut Avenue Bridge Work to Include Night Work

Estimated Start Date:
April 14, 2014

Summary of Activity:
Close lanes on east/westbound Walnut Avenue, install K-Rail, and erect falsework.

Estimated Duration:
Approximately two to three weeks


  • Traffic delays due to detour
  • Increased dust and noise

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Notification #54: Utility Work at Fremont Station to Include Night Work

Estimated Start Date:
March 3, 2014 (Weather Permitting)

Summary of Activity:
Installation of utility vaults in parking area at Fremont Station

Estimated Duration:
Five days, weather permitting


  • Parking displacement
  • Noise related to work

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Notification #50: Utility Work and Traffic Impacts on Warm Springs Blvd.

Estimated Start Date:
Week of October 14, 2013

Summary of Activity:
Installation of utilities and paving

Estimated Duration:
Intermittently for approx. 12 months


  • Narrowing of roadway along Warm Springs Blvd.
  • Traffic Delays
  • Increased Dust and Noise

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Notification #49: Upcoming Changes to Parking at Fremont Station

Estimated Start Date:

January 6, 2014

Summary of Activity:

Reconfiguration of southwest customer parking area and bus criculation routes.

Construction of embankment and Walnut Avenue Bridge.

Additional street parking and offsite parking will be available to offset the temporary loss of parking at the Fremont Station.

Estimated Duration:

Intermittent work for approximately one year


  • Loss and relocation of parking
  • reconfiguration of vehicle entrances and exits

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Notification #48: Intermittent Road Closures on South Grimmer Blvd.

Estimated Start Date:

Week of August 17, 2013

Summary of Activity:

Construction of BART overpass over South Grimmer Blvd.

Closure of Eastbound lanes on South Grimmer Blvd. from Old Warm Springs Blvd. to Lopes Ct.

Estimated Duration:

Intermittently for up to 4 months


  • Traffic Delays
  • Increased dust and noise

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Notification 46: Construction to Begin at the Fremont BART Station in August 2013

Estimated Start Date:

August 3, 2013

Summary of Activity:

Reconfiguration of southeast and southwest customer parking areas and bus circulation routes.  Construction of embankment and overpass across Walnut Ave.

Estimated Duration:

Intermittent work over a one year period.


  • Loss of parking spaces.
  • Sidewalk closures and pedestrian path detours.
  • Reconfiguration of vehicle entrances and exits as well as bus circulation routes.

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Construction Notification 44: Upcoming Temporary Lane Closures on South Grimmer Boulevard

Estimated Start Date

May 6, 2013

Summary of Activity

As part of the Warm Springs Extension Project, construction crews will temporarily close the inside lane in each direction along South Grimmer Boulevard between Warm Springs Boulevard and Lopes Court.

Estimated Duration

5 months


  • Traffic delays
  • Increased dust and noise

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Construction Notification 40: Community Relations Field Office Moves to New Location

Estimated Start Date

August 1, 2012

Summary of Activity

As work on the BART Warm Springs Extension Project moves forward, work on the subway project is nearly complete. The project field offices, including Community Relations staff have moved closer to the new Warm Springs/South Fremont Station.

Estimated Duration

The Community Relations field office will remain at the new location for the duration of construction in 2015.

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Notification Archive

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Notification 53: Temporary Impacts to Access to Reliance Way

Notification 52: Night Work at Walnut Avenue

Notification 51: Traffic Signal Relocation Work at Walnut Avenue

Notification 47: Duct Bank Installation to Include Saturday and Sunday Work Starts This Weekend.

Notification 45: Temporary Lane Reduction on Walnut Avenue

Notification 43: Temporary Lane and Sidewalk Closures on Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 42: Weekend Tree Removal at Fremont BART Station at Walnut Avenue

Notification 41: Access to Pedestrian Pathway Temporarily Closed

Notification 39: Early Construction Activities Continue

Notification 38: Intermittent Closures of Pedestrian Pathway to Restore Lake Area

Notification 37: Expanded Construction Activities Scheduled

Notification 36: Sheet Pile Driving Set to Resume

Notification 35: Final Restoration of South Shore Lake Elizabeth Pedestrian Pathway

Notification 34: Change to Pedestrian Pathway

Notification 33: Temporary Closure of Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 32: Temporary Closure of Eastbound Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 31: Series of Detours Planned as Part of Restoration of Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 30: Expected Delays on Westbound Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 29: Temporary Reconfiguration of Pedestrian Pathway

Notification 28: Temporary Reconfiguration of Pedestrian Pathway

Notification 27: Temporary Closure of Eastbound Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 26: Temporary Closure of Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 25: Temporary Closure of Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 24-A: Temporary Closure of  Westbound Stevenson Boulevard Postponed

Notification 24: Temporary Closure of Westbound Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 23: UPRR Crossing Through Central Park No Longer Available

Notification 22: Temporary Closure of Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 21: New Pedestrian Pathway Detour

Notification 20: Sheetpile Driving Set To Resume

Notification 19: New Dog Park is Open

Notification 18: New Basketball Court is Open

Notification 17: Subway Construction Work Moves Across Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 16:  Construction to Begin Behind Archstone Apartment and Business Complex

Notification 15: Temporary Closure of Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 14: Fish Capture and Release

Notification 13: Construction to Begin in Lake Elizabeth: New Pedestrian Detour Path Open

Notification 12: New Tennis Court Parking Spaces Available

Notification 10: Soil Hauling Operation to Begin Along Driscoll Road

Notification 11: New Parking Spaces Available

Notification 9: Construction to Begin Between Walnut Avenue and Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 8: Dog Park and Basketball Court Entrance Detours to Begin

Notification 7: Phase 1 of Softball Field Access Revisions

Notification 6: Fremont Central Park Subway Construction Work to Begin on Stevenson Boulevard

Notification 5: Movement of Large Equipment in Fremont Central Park

Notification 4: Mobilization of Equipment and Start of BART Subway Construction

Notification 3: Tennis Center Parking Lot Construction

Notification 2: Tree and Shrub Removal

Notification 1: Subway Contract Notice to Proceed



Last Updated: January 7, 2014