The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) projects that by 2040, the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area will gain 1.1 million jobs, 2.1 million people and 660,000 homes, for a total of 4.5 million jobs, 9.3 million people and 3.4 million homes. BART continues to move forward with new projects that will serve our growing region.



Warm Springs Extension

The Warm Springs Extension will add 5.4 miles of new tracks from the existing Fremont Station south to a new station in the Warm Springs District of the City of Fremont.


Warm Springs

San Leandro TOD

BRIDGE Housing Corporation is building a mixed-use Transit-Oriented Development project on the small BART parking lot on the east side of San Leandro Boulevard.


San Leandro TOD

New Train Car Project

As the current fleet reaches the end of its useful life, BART is looking forward to a new generation of train cars. The new train cars will be designed to serve the needs of a growing system over the next 30 years and beyond.

conceptual design of a BART car exterior

MacArthur Transit Village

The MacArthur Transit Village (MTV) is a mixed-use Transit-Oriented Development located adjacent to the MacArthur BART Station in North Oakland.


Artist's rendition

Livermore Extension

BART completed a Program Environmental Impact Report (Program EIR) for the BART to Livermore extension in July 2010, which is a major milestone in extending BART service in the Tri-Valley. BART is now preparing a Project Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which will provide more engineering detail on the proposed extension and a more detailed assessment of benefits and impacts than in the Program EIR.

image of BART to Livermore segment.

Hayward Maintenance Complex

Over the next 30 years, BART will require additional vehicles to meet future demand associated with regional population growth, system expansions for the Warm Springs and Silicon Valley/San Jose Extension projects, and additional riders from the Oakland Airport Connector, eBART, and Livermore projects.

Accordingly, BART requires expanded maintenance and storage facilities to serve the expanded fleet. The proposed Hayward Maintenance Complex Project would consist of acquisition and improvement to three properties on the west side of the existing Hayward Yard and the construction of additional storage tracks for a maximum of 250 vehicles on undeveloped BART property on the east side of the Hayward Yard. The project site is zoned for industrial uses and the proposed activities would be consistent with this zoning designation.

Future BART

Future BART is an effort, now underway, to begin mapping out the future of BART.  BART is now 40 years old, and requires significant system reinvestment to continue to provide high quality service.  In addition, the region will change and grow significantly over the next 40 years.  This effort will explore the tradeoffs involved in considering how BART can meet those dual challenges.

BART Train passing by

East Contra Costa County Extension

The East Contra Costa County BART extension will provide transportation solutions in the highly-congested Highway 4 corridor.


Artist's rendition

Earthquake Safety

BART has initiated the Earthquake Safety Program to upgrade vulnerable portions of the original BART system to ensure safety for the public and BART employees. Portions of the original system with the highest traffic will be upgraded not only for life safety but also to ensure that they can return to operation shortly after a major earthquake.


Earthquake Faults

Berkeley Plaza

The Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza and Transit Area Improvement Project will serve a signature place-making function for the Downtown Area and improve access for an influx of new residents and employees.

Currently serving over 30,000 daily transit riders including BART, AC Transit, and UC Berkeley Bear Transit Shuttle, the project will improve traffic safety and enhance the transit rider experience.

Additionally, the project will redevelop and reallocate the public space surrounding the station; improve pedestrian safety; support commerce, arts and entertainment; replace sidewalk materials and landscaping; and incorporate other design amenities.

Finally, the project will dovetail with the Shattuck Couplet Reconfiguration Project, and serve as an invaluable capital improvement to the City of Berkeley, its residents and merchants, and transit riders of the East Bay.


BART to Silicon Valley

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is managing a project to extend BART to Silicon Valley. The 16-mile extension will provide a fast, reliable and convenient transportation alternative to driving in two of the most congested highway corridors in the Bay Area. Learn more at

Conceptual drawing of the interior of the Milpitas BART station.

Balboa Park Eastside Connection

The Balboa Park Eastside Connection is a multi-agency project including BART, SFMTA and SFCTA that will improve accessibility, convenience, safety and security at the station.


Rendering of Balboa Eastside Project