San Francisco Station Escalator Replacement

Progress Report

As of 10/21/21

CompletedWork UnderwayFuture WorkTotal



  • Civic Center Station street level
  • Powell St. Station platform level
  • Powell St. Station street level

Work Underway:

  • Montgomery St. Station platform level
  • Montgomery St. Station street level 
  • Powell St. Station platform level

Future Work:

  • Embarcadero Station platform level: 4
  • Embarcadero Station street level: 6 
  • Montgomery St. Station platform level: 4
  • Montgomery St. Station street level: 6
  • Powell St. Station platform level: 3
  • Powell St. Station street level: 4
  • Civic Center Station platform level: 4
  • Civic Center Station street level: 4

Project Overview

BART is replacing 41 escalators at Embarcadero, Montgomery St., Powell St., and Civic Center stations. Twenty-two of the escalators that will be replaced extend from the street to the concourse levels of the stations while 18 connect concourses with station platforms.

The new escalators incorporate the latest technology with multiple improvements.

Escalator Modernization Program graphics

The parallel canopy project is bringing as many as 22 new entrances to downtown San Francisco stations that include new entrance gates, screens with real-time transit information, and multiple security cameras.

An edition of our podcast series “Hidden Tracks Stories from BART” features Mark Dana who is the manager of the Market Street Escalators Renovation Project. The new escalators are built especially for the challenges they'll face at BART and are a key part of the plan to revitalize the entrances to some of BART's busiest stations.