Core Capacity Traction Power Substations

BART connects San Francisco and the Peninsula to the East Bay using right-of-way tracks where 5 operational lines converge underground in Downtown Oakland, known as the Oakland Wye. During weekdays, four of the five lines run Transbay service, connecting downtown San Francisco to the East Bay. At peak service (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic), the headways between San Francisco and Oakland is up to approximately 24 trains per hour.

The Transbay Corridor Core Capacity Program (TCCCP) is a package of strategic investments to relieve crowding and to allow for continued ridership growth by enabling BART to operate up to 30 ten-car trains per hour on the main trunk of the existing system between San Francisco and Oakland and maximizing frequent service in the most heavily used part of the system. These strategic investments fall into four major categories: the procurement of 306 additional Fleet of the Future railcars; expansion of Hayward Maintenance Complex; Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC); and additional traction power substations to supply electricity to the trains.

For the crucial work of powering more frequent trains under TCCCP, five new traction power substations will be constructed:

  1. Downtown San Francisco – Civic Center Station (Construction Date: Spring 2021 - 2023)
  2. Downtown San Francisco – Montgomery Station (Construction Date: Spring 2021 – 2023)
  3. Oakland – 34th Street & I-980 (KTF) (Construction Date: TBD)
  4. Concord – Minert Road & David Avenue (Construction Date: TBD)
  5. Richmond – Portola Avenue & 15th Street (Construction Date: TBD)

BART system map, with locations of 5 new traction power substations

Downtown San Francisco Traction Power Substations

The two downtown San Francisco substations locations are at Civic Center & Montgomery stations.  The substation equipment will be located underground on the concourse level inside the two stations.  It will be located in a protected area away from the public.

Construction of the two SF substation sites will take place from starting on Spring 2021 until 2023 tentatively. The contractor will construct street-level work enclosures on Market Street at three locations near Civic Center and Montgomery Stations. Work crews will complete demolition work inside both stations, removing debris through the work enclosures at the street level.  Demolition work will create space for the very large substation equipment, each weighing nearly 10 to 25 tons.

While the substations are being installed underground, crews will need to temporarily fence-off sections of the sidewalk above the installation sites to bring in the equipment necessary for the work and remove material.


Neighborhood Notices and News

BART is committed to providing neighborhood stakeholders impacted by the Downtown San Francisco Traction Power Substations with regular notices and news. Below is an archive of all neighborhood notices and news.

October 2021
May 2021
April 2021

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