Grant Applications

The Grant Development Department works collaboratively with all BART departments to determine the best projects and programs to put forth for possible external funding dependent upon eligibility criteria and program constraints.  Grant opportunities are available from the federal, state, regional and local level.  BART also partners with cities, counties and other transit agencies when necessary to put forth the most most competitive applications for discretionary funds.

The applications listed below represent amounts requested.  Awarded amounts may vary dependent upon the amount of funds available by fund source. 

Project Title:  Pittsburg/Bay Point Station Access Improvement Project

This project will provide a new bike lane, connecting the Delta de Anza Trail and the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station.  The project will also pave a currently vacant plot of land adjacent to the station and provide a 400-500 space parking lot.

Project Title:  El Cerrito del Norte Station Access Improvement Project

This project will expand and enhance a segment of the Ohlone Greenway on the east side of the El Cerrito del Norte BART station into a pedestrian promenade, featuring seating, additional trees, a raised crosswalk and improvements to the bus drop-off lane.

Project Title: Train Seat Modification Project

This proposed project will modify 360 existing BART cars to provide immediately capacity relief on the BART system. 

Federal Transit Administration – Transit Oriented Development Planning Pilot Program

Project Title: Transbay Corridor TOD Implementation Strategies

This grant will be used to develop a comprehensive TOD strategy that fills the remaining gaps in transportation management and development implementation in the Transbay corridor. The cities of Oakland and San Francisco have either recently adopted TOD-supportive land use plans, or are in the planning stages. However, the plans do not account for transit capacity constraints in the Transbay Corridor. The grant will fund activities that will enable BART to increase transit ridership by encouraging reverse commuting to Oakland, and incentivizing BART riders to commute to Downtown San Francisco at times outside the peak hour.

Federal Transit Administration: Mobility on Demand Sandbox Demonstration Program 2016

Project Title: Integrated Carpool to Transit Access Program
This is a program to better integrate carpool access to public transit by matching passengers according to their destination and by providing a seamless way to reserve and pay for a highly coveted parking spaces at a BART station

BAAQMD - Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Demonstration Program
This application would provide up to 36 dedicated EV parking spaces and charging ports at the new Warm Springs station.

Federal 2016 TIGER Grant Application - Gateway to Oakland Uptown
Gateway to Oakland Uptown Fact Sheet
This application is requesting $6.3 million in federal funds for the GO Uptown project, which has a total project cost of $28.6 million. GO Uptown is a collaborative project between BART and the City of Oakland to modernize the 19th St./Oakland BART Station, improve access to the station, expand station capacity and replace aging infrastructure while simultaneously reducing energy use, enhancing safety and promoting local art.

Cap & Trade - Transit/Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP)  Hayward Maintenance Complex Vehicle Overhaul Heavy Repair Facility
Expanding BART Peak Period Trains via Construction of a Vehicle Overhaul and Heavy Repair Shop

San Francisco Prop AA - Daly City Bus Layover Area
BART & SFMTA expanding the bus layover area within the Daly City BART parking lot by reducing the number of paid automobile parking spaces.

Transit Performance Initiative - Concord Yard Wheel Truing Facility
This proposed project will construct a Wheel Truing Facility at the Concord Yard

Cap & Trade Low-Carbon Transit Operations Program - New BART Cars
BART Additional Rail Car Procurement Project

Purchase of electronic bike lockers for deployment at the West Oakland BART Station
West Oakland Bike Station Area Map
The project will transform an underutilized landscaping strip immediately adjacent to the station fare gates into a bike locker plaza. In addition to the locker plaza and new lockers, bike racks located on the main plaza will be reconfigured and racks will be added.

Muni Bus Layover Area at BART Daly City Station
Due to the planned Spring 2016 increase in service of SFMTA's 14R line, BART & SFMTA have agreed to the need for expanding the bus layover area within the Daly City BART parking lot by reducing the number of paid automobile parking spaces.

CA-54-0041 - Federal FY15 State of Good Repair Funds 
These FY 15 Federal funds will be used for elements of BART's systemwide rehabilitation, renovation and replacement program.

CA-90-Z276 - Federal FY15 Section 5307 Urbanized Area Formula Funds
These FY 15 Federal funds will be used for ADA Paratransit Capital Accessibility Improvements and Preventive Maintenance.

CA-95-X301 - Federal Transit Performance Initiative Funds
These Federal funds will provide critical track extensions in order to provide the BART system with additional operational flexibility and additional capacity.  Also included in this application are funds for the Downtown Berkeley BART station improvements.

Federal 2015 TIGER Grant Application - Gateway to Oakland Uptown
Gateway to Oakland Uptown Fact Sheet
The modernization of BART’s 19th St/Oakland station will improve the safety and circulation of passengers between train platforms, the station concourse, and the street level. A new elevator on the north end of the station will provide a direct ADA-accessible connection to AC Transit’s Uptown Transit Center, Broadway shuttle, and new San Leandro to Oakland Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line.

Also, The City of Oakland 20th Street Complete Streets Plan will provide an enhanced multimodal transportation corridor between the 19th St/Oakland BART station and nearby housing, employment, retail, and entertainment, as well as link to recreational opportunities at Lake Merritt.