Accounts Payable

Starting March 1, 2019, Supplier invoice (except for utilities, government licenses/permits, and membership dues) without valid Purchase Order or Agreement no. will be returned to the Supplier/Submitter and will not be processed by BART/Accounts Payable.

To avoid unnecessary delay in processing of supplier invoice, please see below:

  1. Supplier ID and record must be set up in BART system, before Purchase Order can be issued and payment can be processed. 
  2. Existing Supplier is required to timely notify BART contact person in case of name / address / ownership / tax ID change and provide official announcement of change plus updated W9 / W8 form.
  3. If Supplier is an out-of-California supplier of goods and has California (CA) Seller’s Permit, Supplier needs to provide a copy of the permit and invoice with applicable sales tax. 
  4. If Supplier is an out-of-California supplier of goods but does not have CA Seller’s Permit, Supplier needs to invoice without CA sales tax.  BART will accrue applicable sales tax, and directly transmit to the CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration (
  5. Supplier needs to request BART contact person (who placed the order) to provide BART Purchase Order / Agreement / Contract no. before shipment of goods or rendering of service, and submission of invoice. 
  6. Supplier must include and PRINT (DO NOT handwrite) following information on first page of invoice:
  • Supplier name (matched with name on W9 form)
  • 10-digit BART Supplier ID
  • Complete PO / Agreement / Contract no.
  • Invoice no.
  • Invoice date
  • Remit address
  1. Supplier is encouraged to submit invoice to BART/Accounts Payable via email ([email protected]).

Please see Notice to Supplier for more details about Supplier ID / record, invoice information / supporting document and invoice submission requirements.