Accessible Services

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BART is committed to complying with all Federal Americans with Disabilities (ADA) regulations as well as the State of California accessibility requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility issues, please visit the accessibility contacts page and contact the appropriate person here at BART, or at one of our partner agencies, for resolution.

Information found on this website can be provided in an alternative format upon request. Please contact Customer Access and Accessibility Department at 510-874-7366 to speak to, Elena Van Loo or email, [email protected] BART will do its best to provide the requested alternative format within a reasonable time.

COVID-19 Update: Elevator Air Flow and Cleaning Procedures

BART is working hard to provide a safe ride for all riders. Staff continues to pay special attention to elevators as many riders rely on elevators and they play a critical role in mobility and the customer experience.

Elevators have significant air exchange by design compared to many indoor spaces and are required by code to have openings for ventilation. While riders are in an elevator for a very short duration- one minute or two, it is important to point out that fresh air is introduced every time the elevator door opens, and BART elevators include exhaust fans in the ceiling to increase ventilation.

Elevators are cleaned thoroughly at BART at least once per shift.  This means all high touch points (hand tails, buttons, floors and walls), are disinfected.  Elevators are checked once per hour thereafter until the end of the shift.  They are checked on the odd hour by System Service and cleaned if needed.  Station Agents also check the elevators, on the even hour and report any issues to System Service.  The next shift does the same.  We use a disinfectant called Tec-Cide 128, which is sufficient to kill viruses, to disinfect with.

BART continues to offer free masks at all stations to riders who need one and hand sanitizer dispensers, including accessible wall units, at every station.

Here are some key features to make it easier for seniors and persons with disabilities to use BART.

Access Overview

This section provides reference information about all of BART’s accessible services.

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Low Vision or Blind

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Service Animals

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Hard of Hearing or Deaf

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Wheelchair or Limited Mobility

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Elevator Locations/Accessibility Pathways

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Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Card

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Accessibility Task Force

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Reasonable Modification Requests

BART is committed to making reasonable modifications to its policies, practices and procedures to ensure that BART services are accessible to everyone.

You may make a request by phone, email, fax or mail. Please contact the Manager of Customer Access and Accessibility:

Bob Franklin
BART Department Manager, Customer Access and Accessibility
2150 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94604
Phone: (510) 464-6133, Fax: (510) 464-6143, TDD/TTY: (510) 839-2220
Email: [email protected]

Reasonable Modifications may also be made by printing and submitting the attached form: Request Form.doc

Reasonable Modification Request and ADA Violation Complaint Procedure

Any person who wishes to file a complaint regarding a request for Reasonable Modification or alleging any action by BART prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations found at 49 CFR Parts 27, 37, 38, and 39, may file a written complaint with the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART). Complaint Form:complaint.doc

If you need assistance in making the request or completing the request form, BART staff will provide assistance. If requested BART will provide a language or sign interpreter. Please contact Bob Franklin, Department Manager, Customer Access and Accessibility at the contact information provided above for assistance.