Media Resources

If you're a member of the media and have any questions about BART, your first contact should be with a member of the BART Communications Department. Please email us at .  This email account contacts the entire BART Communications Department spokesperson staff simultaneously. Please indicate your deadline.

Alicia Trost
Department Manager
Phone: (510) 464-6154
Twitter: @aliciatrost
Alicia Trost
Jim Allison
Media Relations Manager
Phone: (510) 464-7110
Twitter: @jkabart
Jim A
Chris Filippi
Communications Officer  
Phone: 510-874-7317
Twitter: @chrisfilippi


One person is always on call for emergencies. should be your first choice for all media inquiries, including during emergencies We will continue to operate the media voicemail line during major service disruptions.  That number is 510-874-7464.


Major Service Disruptions and Police Activity
During such disruptions and incidents, the Media Voicemail Line (510) 874-7464 is updated frequently and should be your first call for information. If you are calling about police activity you can also call the BART Police Watch Commander, which is staffed 24 hours a day, at (510) 464-7020.

California Public Records Act Requests
Requests for information under the California Public Records Act should be filed with the Office of the District Secretary, not with the Communications Department. To file the request:
Phone:(510) 464-6080
Fax:(510) 464-6011 

Public Records Request
c/o District Secretary
300 Lakeside Drive
23rd Floor
Oakland, CA 94612

Receiving BART Press Releases and Media Advisories
To receive BART press releases and media advisories directly by email, email a request to be added to our distribution list to any one of the press contacts listed above.

BART Press Releases Online
Press releases are posted as news items on the homepage of and can also be found in our news section.

BART Service Advisories Alerts

You can sign up for email subscriptions for automated BART Service Advisories and project updates at

You can always find the number of trains in service and details on any active service advisories/delays on the home page of in the lower left hand corner.  Active service advisories/delay info can also be found on our mobile site 


Follow @SFBART for news and @SFBARTalert for automated service advisories alerts. BART spokewoman Alicia Trost also provides BART related updates on Twitter at @AliciaTrost

Filming on BART
Credentialed television news media wanting access to the paid area of BART, need to contact a member of the Communications team so clearance can be given to the Station Agent and the Operations Control Center.  For safety reasons, please do not use tri-pods, cables and lights on crowded platforms in addition to no live shots on crowded platforms. Others looking to film on BART need a permit which can be obtained in the film permit section.

BART Board of Directors

You can view Board member biographies, contact information and Board meeting agendas or watch live or achived Board meetings at


Ridership reports and Quarterly Performance Reports can be found at

Major Projects

Details and pictures of on-going projects at BART such as extensions, earthquake safety, and station improvement projects can be found at

System Facts

System facts can be found at

BART train car details can be found at

Details on BART's Fleet of the Future can be found at

2017 System Fact Sheet