Transit Connections

Free Personalized Trip Planning Service

If you'd like a personalized trip plan that includes BART and connecting transit, you can also call our Transit Information Center.

Multi-Modal Trip Planner

BART's Trip Planner allows riders to plug in their home address, work address or their next destination to find the most transit-friendly route at the quickest time. With the interactive, real-time Trip Planner, riders will be able to plan out itineraries using BART, buses, trains, trams, ferries, and cable cars available in the nine Bay Area counties. In addition to the public transit options, the Trip Planner also takes into account walking, bicycling and driving in a car.

BART and Caltrain Transfers at Millbrae

BART and Caltrain are working together to better serve the region with continued schedule coordination to support transfers between systems at Millbrae Station. Schedules were built to provide transfer wait times that are convenient for riders but also flexible enough to avoid missing connections or a just missed connection if one or both system is experiencing a small delay.

Both agencies have partnered to publish a helpful timetable showing the wait times of each connecting train

Transit Transbay BART alternatives located near BART stations

While infrequent, we from time to time experience incidents that prevents transbay service and we recommend seeking alternative means of transportation. Recent examples have been a downed PG&E electrical wire or a fire at a construction lot near the West Oakland station that damaged our tracks.

During these incidents we rely on our transit partners to get you where you need to go. Not everyone is an expert at knowing how to get across the bay without BART and without a car.

With that in mind, we’ve created cheat sheet that shows you transbay bus lines and ferry options located within walking distance to BART stations. The idea is to show you how to get as far as you can on BART and then where you can connect to a bus or ferry during these incidents. We also want to show a variety of pick up locations to avoid all riders trying to board a bus at the same stop.

Late Night Bus During the Hours BART is Closed

AC Transit provides All Nighter bus service.

Public Transit Services by County

San Mateo County

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Caltrain (NOTE: Cross-platform transfers at the Millbrae BART Station)


San Francisco Bay Ferry

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Shuttle Services

Some BART stations are served by low-cost or no-cost shuttles. Check out a list of shuttle services on to find one that works for you.