Ridership Reports
Ever wonder how many people travel between Balboa Park and Fruitvale on a typical weekday? How many people have ridden BART annually since 1972? We’ve got the answers right on our Ridership Reports page. Read more ...

Annual Report / Financial Information
You'll find BART's Annual Report, and other finanical documents including the operating budget, sales tax revenue figures, Short Range Transit Plan/Capital Improvement Program and more in the BART Financials section.

Reports to Congress
BART's annual Report to Congress provides a local perspective on where increased federal investments are needed and how those additional resources will help achieve national goals to increase mobility and economic productivity — as well as reducing our carbon emissions and dependence on foreign oil.

Report to Congress 2015
Report to Congress 2014
Report to Congress 2013
Report to Congress 2012
Report to Congress 2011
Report to Congress 2010

Station Profile Study
The Station Profile Study (3.1MB .pdf) and Station Profile Study Maps provide a snapshot of weekday BART customers at each individual BART station and for the overall system.  This information is drawn from the spring 2008 comprehensive weekday survey of randomly selected BART customers. The purpose of this effort is to better understand customers' current travel needs and to anticipate their future requirements.  This study updates information last collected in 1998. You can read more about the study, and download maps of travel patterns at the regional, county and station level, on the Station Profile Study page.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 
BART customers are surveyed every two years by an independent research firm to determine how well the District is meeting customer needs and expectations. BART management and staff use the surveys to focus on specific service areas that are important to customers. The 2014 BART Customer Satisfaction Survey (.pdf) is based on 5609 questionnaires completed by BART customers while riding on randomly selected BART cars during all hours of operation on weekdays and weekends

Quarterly Performance Reports 
These reports track a number of performance indicators including service reliability, passenger environment indicators, train cleanliness, customer complaints and crime.

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2015 Q4

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2015 Q3

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2015 Q2

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2015 Q1

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2014 Q4

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2014 Q3

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2014 Q2

BART Quarterly Performance Report 2014 Q1


Energy Efficiency Assessment
The PG&E Energy Efficiency Assessment of BART train cars was conducted by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to help identify, analyze, and serve as a “roadmap” for defining and implementing cost- effective energy efficiency and modernization measures, demand response opportunities, and potential self-generation opportunities (including renewables and cogeneration).

Art in BART
The Art in BART presentation was made to the BART Board of Directors in April 2013.  This was an information-only item to provide information on ways to integrate Art into BART stations and projects.  Questions may be directed to Abigail Thorne-Lyman, email