Parking Overview

Parking Options by Station

Parking Overview

BART owns and operates more than 47,000 parking spaces at 36 stations, and many stations have additional nearby parking managed by other entities.  This page is specific to BART-operated parking and does not apply to parking at the Berryessa/North San Jose and Milpitas stations, which is not operated by BART.   

Parking fees are in effect Monday through Friday from 4:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Parking is free outside of these times and on the weekends.   Parking costs $3.00/day at many stations, but the price varies.  Visit the station pages to find out the cost of parking at your station, what type of parking is available, and to view parking maps.

Headed to the airport?  Follow this guide to purchase long-term parking (now known as single/multi-day parking) on the official BART app.  You can reserve multiple days of parking in advance and leave your vehicle overnight.

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Types of Parking

How to Pay for Parking

Reserved Parking Transition  

Parking Rules and FAQs  

Types of Parking

Daily fee parking: Most of BART’s parking is first-come, first served “Daily Fee” parking.

Reserved Parking: Most stations with parking (except Glen Park, Pittsburg Center, Milpitas, and Berryessa) have designated Reserved or “Permit” parking areas which are typically better located and provide a guaranteed spot until 10 am on weekdays.  After 10 am the space becomes available for Daily Fee parking.  Reserved parking may be purchased in advance for a single day, multiple days (up to twenty weekdays – weekends are free) or on a monthly basis. See the Reserved Parking FAQs for details.  

Those who are carpooling to BART may park in the Reserved section and pay the Daily Fee price.

Electric Vehicle Parking: BART offers electric vehicle charging at the Warm Springs Station (ChargePoint) and Lafayette station (Greenlots) as part of a pilot.

ADA Parking: All stations with parking have designated accessible parking stalls.  Those using accessible parking stalls or displaying accessible parking hangtags are still required to pay for parking. 

Motorcycle Parking: Motorcycles may park free of charge in designated motorcycle parking areas.  If you park in a numbered stall in the daily fee area, the parking fee is required from 4am to 3pm, Monday through Friday.

How to Pay

BART offers several ways to pay for parking.

BART Official App: Use the Official BART app to purchase Daily Fee parking, Carpool parking, Non-BART parking, and Reserved parking.  Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and pay within the app using a credit card, debit card, Venmo, or PayPal.


To pay for Daily Fee parking, register a Clipper card number on your profile and enter a stall number to pay.   You may pay for parking either ten minutes before or after entering the faregates. Use the Clipper card registered in your parking account to enter the fare gates to show you are a BART rider. If you delay payment, a citation may already have been issued by the time you remember you did not pay.    

You may choose between paying individually for each parking transaction or creating a wallet which will deduct parking fees from your balance. The wallet will load a minimum of $25 each time when the balance drops below $5.  If you typically buy more than $25 worth of parking a month, the load amount will automatically increase to reflect your typical monthly spending.  If you do not wish to use the wallet, please pay using the "single payment" option.

 To pay for Reserved parking on the app, select either monthly or single/multi-day reserved parking, and add a license plate and phone number to your profile. Park in the Reserved or “Permit” area. There is no need to print anything in advance or display anything inside your car.  For more information, see the Reserved Parking FAQs.  

Non-BART parking is for those parking at BART in the early morning (between 3:30 and 5:30 am) and catching connecting Early Bird Express bus service.   These users do not need to be BART riders and should park in the Daily Fee area.

Visit the carpool parking page for program rules and how to pay with the app.

EZ Rider: The EZ Rider parking program allows you to pay for Daily Fee parking at any BART station by tagging the Clipper card registered on your EZ Rider account on a parking validation machine.  Register on the EZ Rider website and follow the instructions to pay. Use of EZ Rider requires loading a $60 parking wallet on your account.

Cash payment: To pay with cash, remember your stall number and proceed through the faregates to the addfare machines.  Enter your stall number and insert cash (max change is $4.95), and retrieve your receipt from the bottom tray.     

As of October 13, 2020, paper tickets are no longer accepted for parking payment in the BART District. Even if you have an old paper ticket with value on it, the parking payment machines will not accept it.

Reserved Parking Transition

BART recently ended Select-a-Spot website where reserved parking (including monthly, single day, and airport-long term) was previously purchased. All reserved parking is now available for sale on the BART Official app. If you have questions about the transition, or do not have access to a smart phone and need help with a purchase, please contact [email protected].  

Parking Rules and FAQs

Click to view all BART’s Parking Rules, Terms and Conditions.

BART’s parking rules apply only to BART-managed parking. Parking at the Milpitas and Berryessa stations is not managed by BART and has different rules.

Key parking rules: 

  • 24-Hour Weekday Time Limit: There is a 24-hour weekday time limit on parking in all BART lots except for those using single/multi-day Reserved parking (previously known as Airport/Long Term Parking).  Vehicles left in BART parking facilities for more than 24 hours will be subject to fine. 

  • Extended Weekend Parking:  At all BART parking facilities, the 24 hour rule for leaving your vehicle is waived during and throughout weekends and BART designated holidays.   This means you may leave your vehicle at a BART parking facility during and throughout the weekends and the BART designated holidays continuously and payment of parking fees is not required for these days. Payment is required for any normal operating days either following or preceding the BART designated Holiday, Saturday or Sunday.

  • Oversized Vehicle Restrictions: Vehicles or combinations of vehicles that exceed 6.5 feet in width, or 19 feet in length or 3 tons in weight may not be driven through, left standing or parked in any BART parking facility. Vehicles found in violation of the size restrictions may be cited or towed. 

  • Parking Holidays: Parking permit & fee requirements are not enforced in station parking facilities on the following holidays:  Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas (Observed on Monday, December 26th in 2022), and New Year's Day (Observed on Monday, January 2 in 2023).  

Key FAQs

  • I got a parking ticket, what should I do? Please visit BART’s citation page for information on how to pay or appeal your citation.

  • Can I leave my vehicle parked overnight at BART? Yes, on weekends, or if you are purchasing single/multi-day reserved parking (on the BART Official App). For all other types of parking, you may only leave your vehicle for 24 hours.  

  • Why can’t I use Clipper to pay for parking? Clipper is a regional transit card managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and does not currently support BART parking payment.

  • Can I use commuter benefits to pay for parking? You can use parking commuter benefits loaded on a debit card to pay directly for parking on the BART Official app or with the EZ Rider program. You can also pay out of pocket and request reimbursement from your benefits provider. Paper checks are not accepted. If you are using a commuter benefits debit/credit card, please check that your funds are designated for parking and not transit. IRS regulations require that commuter benefits funds designated for transit must be used to pay for transit and not parking, and vice versa. Please notify your benefit administrator and specify the amount to be allocated for parking, otherwise you will get a denial from the commuter benefits debit/credit card.

  • I’m a BART employee pass, LEO pass, and Airport Employee Pass holders – can I use the BART app to pay? Yes, register your BART Smart Card number instead of a Clipper card number. On the parking page of the app, follow the link at the bottom of the page that says “if you are a BART employee, click here” to register your smart card serial number.

  • How can I close my EZ Rider account? Log in to your BART EZ Rider Parking Account on the EZ Rider website and click on "close your account" and enter the reason for closure. Please make sure your credit/debit card is current as the refund will be credited to the credit/debit card on file. The remaining balance on your account will be refunded to the credit / debit card on file within 24 - 48 hours once we receive the request.

  • How does BART set parking rates? BART's policy is to adjust rates every 6 months by $0.50 if a facility is over 95% occupied, up to a $3 daily fee maximum (except West Oakland). Due to COVID, this policy is on hold.

  • I’d like to purchase monthly, single day, or multi-day reserved parking in advance. How do I learn more? Please review the Reserved Parking FAQs for complete details.

Contact BART Customer Service via [email protected] if you have general questions about BART Parking.  Contact [email protected] or call 510-464-6772 with questions regarding your parking account.