The official BART app is for trip planning, real time departures, advisories, contactless in-app parking payment, in-app notifications and more.

The BART Watch app is used to discreetly text police dispatch about illegal activity.

The official BART app offers exclusive features for hassle-free travel

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The free official BART app is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store to provide riders with a more seamless experience in our stations and on our trains. The BART App will provide comprehensive information and navigation into one unified platform with personalized preferences.

The official BART app offers riders end-to-end trip planning, real-time departures with data straight from BART, service advisories, customized in-app notifications, the ability to save your favorite trips and stations, and contactless parking payment. The most exclusive features to the BART app that isn’t available on any other third-party app is BART’s Trip Planner offering end-to-end multi-modal trip itineraries.  It allows BART riders, public transit users, and those who walk, bike or drive to our stations to plug in their starting point and destination to get the most transit-friendly and fastest route. The new Trip Planner includes 31 transit operators and provides interactive, personalized itineraries using the many modes of transportation and transit the Bay Area offers.

The BART app provides many exclusive features which will help answer and respond to some of our riders’ most pressing questions and issues:

  • Real-time departures, schedule timetables, and fare calculator
  • Customized in-app notifications about BART service and announcements
  • Station information, including information on secured bike parking and car parking
  • Escalator and elevator advisories
  • Real-time service disruption information on the Trip Planner
  • An indicator showing if an approaching train is a new Fleet of the Future train with 3 doors
  • An indicator showing if a scheduled train run has been cancelled (available in real-time feed and the Trip Planner)
  • Exclusive feature to pay for Daily Fee parking at all stations.
  • Step by step navigation with personalized preferences and saved favorite stations and trips
  • Ability to set favorites so user save time and key strokes
  • Ability to plan a trip using more than one of the 30 transit systems in the Bay Area such as bus service, ferries, cable cars, and regional train systems
  • Easily see the last train of the evening by station when planning a night out or trip home from the airport
  • Report a Biohazard feature for items and messes that need immediate cleanup
  • Spanish and Chinese translations
  • It's ad free
  • Seamless connection to and BARTable for deals, events, and fun

Download the BART app

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BART app


The BART Watch app allows riders to discreetly text with police dispatch

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BART Watch is a free mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows you to quickly and discreetly report criminal or suspicious activity directly to BART Police. Use BART Watch to send a text description of what you're seeing, attach a picture and select from a list of locations and categories to assist BART Police in their response. Reports can be anonymous. The app is also available in Spanish and Chinese.


If you're in an area without cellular connectivity, your message will be stored and delivered as soon as connectivity returns. BART Watch is designed to send text messages before pictures so that the BART Police can receive reports as quickly as possible.

BART WatchBART Watch allows you to report:

  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Robbery / Theft
  • Lewd Behavior
  • Unattended Bag or Package
  • Vandalism
  • Illegally Parked Vehicle
  • Sexual Harassment

For crimes in progress or emergencies, call 911, or program the BART Police Department toll-free number into your mobile phone to call quickly -- it's 877-679-7000

Download the BART Watch app

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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) offers a mobile app for easier management of Clipper cards and the Clipper regional transit-fare payment card on iPhone and Apple Watch. Google Pay functionality will be added soon.

As one of the 24 Bay Area transit agencies who support Clipper, BART fare gate readers now support Clipper payment via iPhone and Apple Watch.

The BART to Airport App pilot was completed March 31, 2021 and is no longer available.