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Contracting and Procurement Opportunities

Take a look at upcoming procurement opportunities and contracts out for bid at BART, including bids received and contracts awarded. To receive BART contract and procurement updates via email, add your email address here.

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Advertising Opportunities:

BART offers a variety of advertising opportunities for station, train, tunnel, and ticket placements that will help you reach your Bay Area target market.

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Office of Civil Rights:

BART's Office of Civil Rights administers the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Non-discrimination Programs.

Also in this section:

Looking for a permit?

Download various BART permits for construction, free speech, video and photography.

Standard Specifications

Download BART's Standard Specifications, or the basic requirements governing the material, equipment and methods used in construction contracts.

General Conditions for Construction and Procurement Contracts

Procurement General Conditions

Construction General Conditions

Document Control Plan

The purpose of the Document Control Plan is to establish a framework and workflow processes for managing District Documents. This includes systematic data capture, filing, distribution, and archival of project and other relevant documents to establish a single-source of truth for District documentation. Document Management is the process of organizing, storing, protecting and sharing documents. The Document Control Plan describes how to manage documentation and provides a consistent approach to the creation, update and distribution of material.

Insurance forms

BART provides various Certificate, bond and claim forms for easy online access.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Learn about our Transit-Oriented Development policies, goals, projects, and other relevant information.