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CAP Patrol Team
CAP Patrol Team
BPD patrol at Concord Station
BPD patrol at Concord Station
BPD at National Night Out
BPD at National Night Out
Coffee with a Cop
Coffee with a Cop
BPD Job Fair
BPD Job Fair
All in the Family
All in the Family
Bring your Sons and Daughters to Work Day
Bring your Sons and Daughters to Work Day
New Years Eve Patrol
New Years Eve Patrol
Motorcycle Patrol
Motorcycle Patrol
BPD Dispatch
BPD Dispatch
BPD Community Outreach
BPD Community Outreach
CALEA Accreditation
CALEA Accreditation

Proof of Payment Required as of January 1, 2018

BART Police officers will be checking customers inside the stations and onboard trains for valid fare. Read all about it here.

The BART Police Department is Hiring!

The BART Police Department is now offering a $15,000 hiring bonus for laterals and academy graduates ($5,000 upon hire and $10,000 upon completion of the Field Training Program).

Check out our employment section.

BART PD is a progressive agency and has been on the forefront – and in some cases the model approach – to training in the areas of fair and impartial policing, bias-based policing, crisis intervention, cultural competence training, and de-escalation training.

The annual training provided to BART police officers exceeds the standards set by California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). POST requires 24 hours of advanced officer training every 24 months, and BART police officers are trained for a minimum of 24 hours every year.

In fact, BART PD was the first California agency to have POST-certified instructors for Fair and Impartial Policing training. BART PD proactively gave the training to its officers before it was required. POST recognized the training curriculum as best practice, and has since adopted the training with input from the Museum of Tolerance as statewide training for police officers.

All BART police officers undergo crisis intervention, community-oriented policing, and fair and impartial policing training. In addition, BART PD was one of the first police departments in the State of California to deploy body-worn cameras to all uniformed patrol officers.

Additionally, BART PD is participating with Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) as a pilot agency to develop de-escalation training to be used throughout the country.

BPD Releases Comprehensive Report

Find out lots of data about the BART PD, including crime statistics; the chain of command structure; demographic makeup of the Department; and information about many of the available services.

It's all in one handy report which includes 22 pages chock-full of information.

Learn about the history of the Department, its jurisdiction and how the Department is structured for geographic zoned policing. Additionally, many examples of how the Department applies the community-oriented policing and problem-solving philosophy may be found in this report.

Find out about the people of the BART PD and their commitment to protect and serve. Download the report now.

BART Police Crime Data

BART PD is now sharing reports of Part 1 crimes with the website The site will process the crime data with its advanced mapping engine to show where the crime has occurred within the BART system. The service is free and available to everyone. is a component of the BART PD’s Regional Anti-Terorrism Integrated Law Enforcement System (RAILS). Crime data from BART PD will be fed to from our Records Management System. This new technology will increase the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of crime reporting.

BART PD data is now live and users can start searching BART stations at this link:

BART Police also offers a daily crime log email. Subscribe at

2018 Crime Data

Overall BART crime was flat last year compared with 2017.  There were 3,451 total police incidents reported on BART last year compared with 3,455 the previous year.  Property crime was down 2% but violent crime increased by 15%.  Much of the violent crime increase has been driven by snatch-and-run cellphone thefts that are considered robberies because they involve the use of force or fear. 

Also, BART continued its crackdown on fare evasion.  In its first year of existence the proof-of-payment team comprised of community service officers issued 6,799 civil citations.  That total is after the team only gave warnings for the first three months of 2018.  On top of that, BART police officers issued 2,668 criminal citations for fare evasion.

In FY 2018, there were 3.5 crimes against persons per million riders.  BART serves 120 million trips annually.

2018 Part 1 crime

BART Police is working to increase officer presence. BPD is stepping up its recruitment efforts with an ambitious goal of hiring dozens of additional officers.  This also comes as BART begins the process of developing its Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget in which the Chief of Police will be requesting additional full-time officer positions.  An independent review of the BART Police Department by the University of North Texas recommended that BPD hire 19 additional officers each year for the next five years.  That would allow BPD to implement new patrols that would focus just on trains as well as additional fixed-assignment coverage at the system’s busiest stations.

BPD hopes a renewed focus on recruitment along with improvements brought by the new officer labor contract will help the department to fill 30 officer vacancies.

In addition to the more competitive compensation package, the new contract also allows BPD to use outside contractors to help with background checks.  This provision will streamline the hiring process allowing officers to join the department more quickly. 

BPD is using the new contract as a launching pad for a new officer recruitment campaign that will include targeted ads in trade publications, continuing to attend dozens of recruitment events, and social media outreach.

The focus on recruitment comes after 2018 was a strong year for hiring as BPD added 24 officers.  That’s a significant improvement over the 16 officers that were hired in 2017. 

BART Police Explorer Program

Explorer Patch The BART PD Explorer Post 413 is currently recruiting young men and women from the ages of 14-20 to join the Explorer training program. The Explorer Program is a voluntary organization which helps the youth from the community to be trained by police officers in aspects of law enforcement, leadership, and community service. Explorers perform a wide variety of non-enforcement duties to assist BART PD. Explorers come from all communities in the East and West Bay and work in the Bay Area communities.

Participants may also recieve credit for schools which require community service hours for graduation.

For more information, please email Download the Explorer Interest Card (tri-fold brochure).pdf

BART PD Explorers

BART's Social Resources Programs

It is our job to help ensure the safety, security, comfort and convenience of all those who use BART.

The national homeless crisis can be visible in BART stations and on trains as homeless people use BART for shelter. Increasing rates of homelessness and related quality-of-life issues on BART present us with unique challenges as a transit system, and highlight a pressing need for action and understanding from us, our riders, and our partner agencies in the communities we serve.

BART does not have the internal resources that homeless people need. In response, we’ve developed a coordinated and comprehensive approach that maintains a safe and clean environment for riders—while connecting homeless people who seek shelter in our system to services and resources.

Read more about our social resources efforts.

Social Resources

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement

To be the leader in innovative policing, establishing BART as the safest transit system in the nation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the BART Police Department is to ensure a safe environment within our transit system, reduce crime through a highly visible police presence, and proactive enforcement of the law, and to promote public confidence by working in partnership with our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    We inspire trust and carry ourselves in a manner that demonstrates the highest levels of honesty, ethics, and moral conduct.

    Service Placing service above self, we work in partnership with the community serving with pride, courage, and compassion.

  • Accountability

    We take ownership of our duties, remaining answerable to the public and accountable to the laws, rules, policies and procedures that govern and guide us.

  • Professionalism

    We are committed to conduct and performance reflective of the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence.

  • Diversity

    We acknowledge and embrace the diversity in our communities we serve and strive to ensure diversity is reflected in all levels of our organization.