Join a strong team of talented professionals dedicated to their work in a law enforcement department that’s just the right size to get ahead and build your career. Advancement is just waiting to be earned.

The BART Police Department now has new salaries and has streamlined its hiring process. We are offering a $15,000 hiring bonus for laterals and academy graduates ($5,000upon hire and $10,000 upon completion of the Field Training Program).

BART PD Hiring Entry Level Flyer

BART PD Hiring Laterals Level Flyer

Thinking about joining? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Work all over the Bay Area in different communities.
  • Free BART transportation for employees and dependents
  • BART offers $4,000 per year for educational reimbursement.
  • BART pays for academy and salary is earned while in the academy.
  • Bilingual extra pay incentive; Field Training Officer (5% extra pay); K9 unit ($950/mon. extra pay)
  • Shift Differential (7% swings, 9.5% graveyards)
  • State of the art equipment, new vehicles, and body worn cameras. 
  • Special assignments include: Regional SWAT Team Member, Detective, JTTF, Background Investigator, Training Officer, Evidence Tech, Critical Asset Patrol Team
  • Crisis Intervention Training for all officers.
  • BART PD is highly progressive, staying in the forefront of leadership and modern law enforcement concepts like De-Escalation training and Fair and Impartial policing training.


BART Police Officer Selection and Training Process

Disqualifying Factors for Public Safety Applicants

BART Police Officer Continuing Education

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