Paper Ticket Refunds

While BART has eliminated the sale of paper tickets from our vending machine, fare gates will still accept paper tickets loaded with funds. Riders will also be able to add enough fare to a paper ticket to exit a station using cash at the Addfare machines located inside the paid area of each station. This is one option for using up the funds on a paper ticket you own. The other option is a refund. Paper tickets balances cannot be transferred onto a Clipper card.

BART will refund paper tickets with a remaining value greater than $1.00. 

You have 2 options for getting a refund:

1) A Station Agent can help process a ticket refund request. The agent will have you fill out a form and you will provide the agent with your ticket(s) and the agent will send it to BART Treasury. Treasury will mail you a check. This option helps you avoid paying for postage and is the most secure option. The refund may take 4-6 weeks to process.

2) Mail the ticket(s) to BART's Treasury Department. Include your name, phone number, and return address and note that you are seeking a refund of your paper ticket(s) due to BART's elimination of paper ticket sales. Station Agents can also provide pre-addressed envelopes to Treasury. Due to observed delivery issues this is a less secure option. It is recommended that items of value be insured when selecting this option.

Mail it to:

BART Finance Department
2150 Webster, Oakland, CA 94612
9th floor
Attention: Requests

BART’s Treasury Department will then process the refund. You will get a check in the mail at the address you provide. The check may take 4-6 weeks.

Tickets submitted for refund must have been purchased by cash or debit card. Tickets purchased with a credit card (there will be a small “c” on these near the magnetic stripe) will be credited back to the credit card which was used to purchase the ticket.

BART doesn't offer cash refunds.

BART will also refund full unused paratransit ticket books.

Tickets purchased using pre-tax dollars/Commuter Checks are not refundable due to federal restrictions of the Commuter Check program

For more information, call the BART Treasury at (510) 464-6841.

Clipper Refunds:

Only registered Clipper cards,  are available for refunds. Please contact Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883 to request a refund without cancelling your card. 

Ticket Donations ("Tiny Tickets")

Donations of tickets with unused value of less than $1 can be made to local non-profits. Check with your favorite non-profit or charity organization to see if it accepts these small value tickets. Former Tiny Ticket non-profit organizations can still submit these tickets for refund directly to BART Treasury.

Submit to:

Refunds, BART Treasury Department
2150 Webster St.
9th floor
Oakland, CA 94612

If you have a question, please call (510) 464-6841.

Replacement Tickets:

BART's Treasury Department will no longer issue replacement tickets in order to reduce the use of tickets in the system. Due to increased Clipper Card use and the corresponding reduction in use of paper tickets, the Ticket Exchange Booth at 12th St Oakland City Center Station has been permanently closed.

Need help?

BART Customer Service is available to help riders with inquiries over the phone at (510)464-7133 or in person at Lake Merritt Station (concourse level).