As a member of the Carpool to BART program, you can ride to the BART station with other commuters and park in a designated carpool space. Carpool parking rules are enforced Monday through Friday, 4a.m. to 10a.m. Carpool spaces are available at many stations and Daily Parking fees apply. To participate:

Register for a Permit
You need at least two (2) registered permit holders to participate. To register call 511 and say "rideshare" or register online.

Get the People
Check with family, friends and coworkers to form your Carpool. Everyone you ride with needs to have their own registered permit. If you need help forming a Carpool to BART, call 511 and say "rideshare."

Get the Parking Spot
When you arrive at the BART station, look for CARPOOL PARKING signs.  BART has designated special close-in parking spaces for carpools at most stations.  When you park your vehicle, display a BART Carpool Parking Permit for each member of your carpool (minimum of two permits) on the front dashboard before leaving the car.  Each member of the carpool needs to display their permit before leaving the vehicle.  Cars pulling in with just one person are subject to citation, even if they dropped off a passenger at BART before parking.  Note: having a carpool permit doesn't guarantee a parking space and you still need to pay the daily fee Monday through Friday, 4am to 3pm.