Annual Budget

Adopted Budget Summary:

A comprehensive report covering BART’s annual operating and capital budgets. Also includes the strategic work plans and organizational charts of each BART department.

FY19 Adopted Budget

FY18 Adopted Budget Summary

Program Plans

Short Range Transit Plan/Capital Improvement Program:

An annual overview of BART's long-term operating and capital outlook. The SRTP projects the operating forecast for the next 10 years. The CIP details capital investment for the next 15 years. The latest SRTP/CIP is the draft version for FY19.



System Renewal Program:In 2017, BART district voters approved a $3.5 billion infrastructure bond to help fund system repairs and improvments such as rails, tunnel walls, and computer control equipment.

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Click here to read the Annual Report from the Measure RR Oversight Committee


BART Official Statement:

Government issued document for general obligation and sales tax revenue bonds

2017 Official Statement 

2015 Official Statement

Other Reports

Audited Financial Reports:

An examination of BART's financial statements by an independent organization.

FY17 Audited Financial Reports

FY16 Audited Financial Reports

FY15 Audited Financial Reports

Quarterly Report from the Controller Treasurer:

Updates on employee compensation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financing.

June 2018

March 2018

December 2017

June 2017

March 2017

Employee Reimbursements:

in compliance with CA Government Code 53065.5

2017 Employee Reimbursements

2016 Employee Reimbursements 

2015 Employee Reimbursements

Gift to Agency Report:

A form used by government agencies when payments to the agency provide a personal benefit to an official of the agency. Click here.

Independent Registered  Municipal Advisors Exemption Language

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