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Our digital subscription service, GovDelivery®, will answer your questions:

Our subscription-based email and text alerts deliver important BART information directly to your desktop or mobile device. Sign up only for topics that interest you:

  • Service Advisories (email or text)
  • BART News
  • Contracting Opportunities
  • And much more...

How it works

To sign up you need a valid email address. To receive text messages you need to a valid text address ‐ look for the "wireless alert" option during signup. Then select the topics you're interested in and we'll send you the updates. You'll receive a confirmation notice afterwards, and you can always log in to your subscriber preferences page anytime to manage your subscriptions or cancel your account.


Looking for an app instead? The free official BART app is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store to provide riders with a more seamless experience in our stations and on our trains. The BART App will provide comprehensive information and navigation into one unified platform with personalized preferences.

User fees

BART does not charge recipients to receive text messages. However, messaging and data rates may apply. Check your wireless plan for details and read the complete Terms and Conditions.

Text Message Station Abbreviations

Text message station abbreviations list