How To

File A Report


Pay A Citation


1) Pay the citation by mail or going to: If you make payment by mail, send the proper amount of penalty in money order or check, payable to BART. Do not send cash. Enclose the notice of parking violation with your payment and/or proof of correction(s). Write your citation number on your payment. Mail to:

Citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658 - 0479

2) Contest the citation by submitting a written appeal at or mail your appeal with any supporting information to the address noted above. Your payment or appeal must be received within 21 days of the citation date. Submitted documents will not be returned.

Ignoring the time limits shall result in immediate action in the form of additional penalties and an eventual lien hold being placed on your vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Vehicles with 5 or more citations will be impounded or immobilized pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 22651(i)(1) and 22651.7.

Note: CVC sections 4000(a)(1), 5200, and 5204 require vehicle inspection and evidence of violation correction. Evidence of correction may be obtained at any police agency during regular business hours. If corrected, bail on these violations is reduced to $10.00 per violation. Valid proof of each correction and $10.00 per corrected violation must be received within 21 days of the citation date or penalties will accrue.

You can locate lost or misplaced tickets by visiting


Protect yourself on and around BART


Safety Tips
Protecting Your Vehicle
Keeping An Eye Out For Suspicious Behavior


Report a crime or suspicious activity on BART


Depending where you are, there are several different options in reporting criminal or suspicious activity. The following will list your options on how to report these matters to the BART Police:

On a BART train:

  • Report criminal or suspicious activity to a Police Officer or any other uniformed BART employee onboard the train.
  • You may also use the train intercom located at the ends of each train car. This will allow you to make your report to the train operator who will forward the information to the police department's communications center.
  • If you have cell phone coverage, call the BART Police toll-free at 877.679.7000. In a BART station: Contact a Police Officer or Station Agent. You may contact the Agent either in person, or you may use a white courtesy phone. Several of these phones are located throughout the station, including on the platforms.
  • You may also use a payphone or cellular phone and call the Police Department's Communications Center directly. Either dial 9-1-1 for emergencies, or dial 877.679.7000 for emergencies or non-emergencies.

In a station parking lot or off BART property:

  • Contact a BART Police Officer or Community Service Officer who patrol BART parking lots.
  • BART parking lots are equipped with emergency phones. These phones are located throughout the parking lots and are mounted on light standards. Blue signs and blue strobe lights are posted where the phones are located. The phones go directly to the Police Department's Communications Center.
  • You may also use a payphone, cellular phone or any other telephone to call the Police Communications Center at 9-1-1 for emergencies and 877.679.7000 for emergencies or non- emergencies.


Commend or make a complaint about alleged misconduct by a BPD employee


BART Police Department Policy 1020 "Internal Investigation of Allegations of Misconduct" is in place so that citizens can make inquiries or complaints about alleged misconduct by any BART Police Department employee, or submit a commendation.

To commend an employee, download the Commendation Form in English.pdfCommendation Form in Korean.pdf , Commendation Form in Spanish.pdf  , Commendation Form in Vietnamese.pdfCommendation Form in Chinese.pdf .  You can also download the Complaint Form in English.pdf , Complaint Form in Korean.pdf , Complaint Form in Spanish.pdf , Complaint Form in Vietnamese.pdf , or Complaint Form in Chinese.pdf and follow the instructions to submit the information about the alleged misconduct of an employee. You may also email Internal Affairs at or contact one of the following:

Lieutenant Lance Haight 510.464.7027,

Sergeant John Sandoval 510.464.7023,

Sergeant Aaron Togonon 510.464.7062,



Inquire about careers with the BART Police Department


Those interested in careers and job openings with the BART police shoud visit the jobs section of this website. For further information, contact the Police Department's Personnel and Training section at 510.464.7073.


Obtain a Law Enforcement Pass


The Law Enforcement Security Enhancement Program (LESEP) came about as a result of BART's Inter-Departmental Task Force on Fare Evasion in an effort to reduce Fare Evasion in the BART System, which is a major problem.  LESEP is part of our strategy to reduce these losses by providing authorized, secured BART system access to active, full-time, sworn Officers and District Attorney Investigators from pre-authorized SF Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies. To be eligible, a Peace Officer has to have the authority to carry a firearm while off-duty. As part of LESEP, authorized Officers will receive BART ID cards also known as LEO passes, which allow BART-riding privileges. For questions regarding the LESEP, call the LESEP hotline at 1-877-679-7000, option #9, then option #4. For more information on LESEP:

Download the LESEP Details Brochure (.pdf)

Download the LESEP Request Form (.pdf)


General Orders, Policies and Procedures


The "Policies and Procedures Manual" contains the operational orders established by the Police Department to maintain the safety of our employees while we provide public safety and police services to our stakeholders.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department Policy Manual