Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Card

Public transit operators in the Bay Area are pleased to offer the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card to qualified persons with disabilities. The card entitles you to a reduced fare on fixed-route transit, rail and ferry systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Your RTC Discount Card is also a Clipper card. You can load value and passes on your RTC Card and the discounted fare will be deducted  when you travel.  For specific fare information, please contact your local transit agency.

To get your RTC card, please visit:  For a general overview of the Clipper Card and RTC, please visit: RTC Clipper Card


How to Get the RTC Discount Card

  1. Call your local transit agency to get an application form. Complete Part A, as well as the medical release authorization Part D.
  2. Take the application to your doctor or other certifier for certification; have parts B and C completed by your doctor or certifier.
  3. Take the completed forms and $3.00 to the transit agency in your area.
  4. Bring some form of valid photo identification with you, such as a Driver's License, California Identification Card, Passport or Alien Registration Card.

Note: Medical certification is not necessary if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You have a Medicare card;.
  • You have a DMV placard computer printout ID card or valid registration for a permanent disabled license plate;
  • You are a qualifying disabled veteran;
  • You have been previously certified in the RTC program as a person with a permanent disability (see below for further information);
  • You have a valid transit discount card issued by a California transit agency;
  • You are a visitor to the region with a valid out-of-state transit discount ID card.

Who Can Certify
Any one of the professionals listed below may be able to certify you to qualify for a Regional Transit Connection discount card, depending on your disability:

  • A licensed physician with an M.D. or D.O. degree;
  • A licensed chiropractor;
  • A licensed podiatrist;
  • A licensed optometrist;
  • A licensed audiologist.

Medicare and DMV placard ID card holders or holders of valid registration for permanent disabled license plate:
You may obtain a discount fare when you board a regular bus or rail (not paratransit) vehicle by presenting a valid Medicare card or DMV placard identification card (computer printout), but you may be required to provide a photo identification card to verify your identity. To avoid confusion or potential delay, riders with Medicare or California DMV placard identification cards are encouraged to take them to any transit operator who issues discount cards and apply for an RTC Discount Card.

Other California transit discount card holders:
Riders with discount cards issued by California transit operators outside the Bay Area do not need to be certified by a certifying professional. However, depending on the transit operator, such riders may need to obtain an RTC card before receiving a discounted transit fare. Call your local transit operator for further information.