Lost and Found

In Person

BART's Lost and Found is located in the 12th St./Oakland City Center Station. Lost and Found is generally open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 2 pm and 3 to 6 pm and closed holidays.

Days and hours of operation are subject to change, however, due to daily staffing availability. To be sure the office is open before you come in person, we recommend that you call the telephone hotline, which is updated daily, at (510) 464-7090. The preferred method is to use the online form found below.

Unclaimed items are sold through online auction.

Staff work diligently to return lost items to their rightful owners, but sometimes this may not be possible. After a 90-day holding period unclaimed items must be auctioned off to the public.Starting February 1, 2017, BART will use online auction company Propertyroom.com to dispose of unclaimed property.

Propertyroom’s website will have a photograph of each item with a brief description. When an auction closes the highest bidder will be declared the winner. Propertyroom.com will then collect payment and then send the item to the winner.Auction proceeds, minus administrative fees, will return to the District. You can visit the auction website at Propertyroom.com


Use the form below to report a lost item and receive a return email confirming receipt of your claim.

Don't report the same lost item more than once. Repeated claims by web and/or phone will delay returns;

Be specific and provide as much detail as you can when describing your item. Our online form will help to guide you;

We will contact you only if a match is found for your claimed item. It may take up to three weeks for us to match your item, retrieve it and contact you. If we don't contact you within four weeks, unfortunately it means that your item wasn't recovered.

If you'd like to hear recorded information about how to report a lost item and where to find BART's Lost and Found department, please call (510) 464-7090.

Lost and Found

Item Description

Select an item from the appropriate category and complete the description as fully and accurately as possible.

*Please provide a description of the lost item. Provide a description including any identifiable markings (example: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S5), service provider/carrier, phone number, description/identifiable markings/lock-screen (For example: picture of family, pet, landscape, etc.). If your phone is locked, and there is no lost message, you MUST provide the necessary information about your specific phone.

Trip Information

Tell us when and where you traveled on BART when you believe you lost the item.