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BART Executes Two Long-Term Renewable PPAs

December 2017 - Through its first ever renewable energy RFP, BART on December 8, 2017 executed two long-term power purchase agreements with renewable energy developers for energy supplies that will meet at least 75% of BART's energy needs for 20 years beginning in 2021. In line with the Wholesale Electricity Portfolio Policy, adopted in April 2017, BART staff negotiated the two PPAs with Recurrent Energy (for output from the 45 MW Gaskell West 2 solar project) and with NextEra Energy (for output from the 62 MW Sky River wind project). Both projects will be located in Kern County, CA and are slated for commercial operation on January 1, 2021.

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BART Board adopts Wholesale Electricity Portfolio Policy

April 2017 - BART is one of the largest consumers of electric power in Northern California, using about 400,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually. This is about as much as the City of Alameda uses each year. The composition of BART’s power portfolio impacts the greenhouse gas ("GHG") footprint of everyone who relies upon BART. By adopting the Wholesale Electricity Portfolio Policy, BART is strengthening the region's commitment to sustainability.

Highlights of the policy include performance measures to maintain low and stable BART operating costs, and to achieve a wholesale electric portfolio that:

  • Has an average emission factor no greater than 100 lbs-CO2e/MWh during the period 2017 through 2024 (inclusive).
  • Is from at least 50% Eligible Renewable sources and from at least 90% low and zero carbon sources by 2025.
  • Is 100% from zero carbon sources by 2035.
  • Is 100% from Eligible Renewable sources by 2045.


The full policy can be found here (pdf).


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