Permit to Engage in Expressive Activity

BART requires those who wish to exercise their right to free speech to have a permit while on BART property.  Permits for expressive activities are intended for those who wish to express a point of view.  For activities promoting a commercial entity (whether for-profit or not-for-profit), please go to the advertising page for details about advertising and contact information to obtain rates for a paid promotion. 

Children and Expressive Activities

Please note BART has revised its expressive activity permit rules relating to minors to ensure their safety. Children soliciting funds or involved in any expressive activity under a BART permit must be accompanied by adults at all times and are only allowed to solicit donations after school hours and for limited hours on weekends. Other changes include the ratio of supervising adult to every minor and the proximity the adults must be to the children they are supervising.  Complete details can be found in the "Permit Rules" found below. If you wish to obtain a permit, please do the following: 

Download the Permit Rules and read them thoroughly.
Download the Permit Application, complete it and return it to BART.