Construction Permits

The Real Estate and Property Development Department coordinates Permits and Plan Review (.pdf) for any construction on, or adjacent to, the BART right of way. 

An Application for construction permit (.pdf) or Application for wireless/fiber optic permit (.pdf) must be completed and sent to: Lydia Guan, at [email protected], or 2150 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94612-3534 along with the appropriate fee, if any, including an as-built deposit, if required, and digital plans showing the proposed construction.

After receipt of a completed and executed application (with application fee if requesting a permit), a work order is opened so that all staff time expended on coordination, plan review, and construction support can be charged to the project. Costs for plan review shall be charged to the work order per the Fee Schedule (.pdf) in effect, at the time of review, pursuant to the policy adopted by the District’s Board of Directors by Resolution #4989, on June 22, 2006. Deposit for reimbursable BART staff time will be requested and payment must be received before permit can be issued. 

If work is to be done on BART property, or if it is determined that inspection or monitoring will be needed for your project, a permit will be required.

In all cases, either the:

General Guidelines for Design and Construction Over or Adjacent to BART’s Subway Structures (.pdf), or the
General Guidelines for Design and Construction Over or Adjacent to BART’s At-Grade and Aerial Structures (.pdf) must be adhered to.

BART issues the following types of standard permits based on application information: Utility Permit (.pdf) (general utility work within existing easements by utility companies or self insured entities); Wireless/Fiber optic (.pdf)  (telecommunications): Permit to Enter (.pdf) (general construction or other activities on District property); Permit to Enter (.pdf) (construction of temporary improvements on District property); and/or Permit to Enter (.pdf) (construction of permanent improvements on District property). Most permits for work in San Mateo County will require a joint permit with Samtrans and BART.

BART staff uses the application information to prepare the appropriate permit. The standard permits listed above are for reference only. BART staff will assign a permit number and add conditions specific to your permit based on plan review. In some cases, the Exhibit “C” (.pdf) (insurance requirements) will be modified to increase liability limits or to add coverage for “Pollution,” and/or “Explosion, Collapse and Underground (XCU),” etc., depending on the scope of work. Insurance certificates and endorsements should be emailed to Lydia Guan at [email protected], (510) 464-6882, prior to their actual submittal and should reference the permit number on the certificate(s) and endorsements. All permits issued by BART are subject to the General Terms and Conditions Relating to Utility Permits (.pdf).

A request to purchase an easement is treated just like a permit and is also subject to the Fee Schedule.

For further information, you may contact Lydia Guan, BART Administrative Analyst, at (510) 464-6882.