Powell St. Modernization Planning

BART is undergoing a series of improvements at Powell Street Station to modernize the station over the next few years and to improve the overall customer experience. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the modernization efforts and thank everyone for their patience.

New projects include:

  • Escalator and canopy modernization (learn more here). Pilot canopy construction on Ellis and Market Streets in November 2018. Escalator replacement and canopy construction on all four Market Street stations, including Powell, will begin in 2020.

  • On November 23, 2019, he BART Board today authorized the General Manager to award an $11.3 million contract to modernize Powell St. Station. The modernization includes reconfiguring and reopening bathrooms at the station, moving ticket vending machines in the middle of the concourse near the entrance to Westfield San Francisco Centre to improve line-of-sight, installing LED lighting on the platform, installing five-foot-tall glass fare barriers and relocation of existing fare gates to improve passenger flow. As of early 2020, it’s too early to have an anticipated start and completion date for the modernization project.

Powell St. Modernization Plan

BART has completed the Powell St. Modernization Plan,which will invest resources into the existing core stations and surrounding areas to support transit ridership and enhance the quality of life around the stations. The goal of the project is to develop and prioritize potential station improvements to upgrade and modernize the station’s function, safety and security, capacity, sustainability, appearance, and improve the customer experience.

The Powell Street Station ceiling project was completed in Fall 2019, giving the station a modern metallic grid ceiling with new energy efficient lights.

Powell ceiling after modernization

Powell ceiling before modernization

Photos show after and before Powell Station ceiling project's completion.

Project Goals

As part of our Station Modernization effort, BART has developed a comprehensive vision for the Powell Station to upgrade and modernize the station. The Vision is to modernize the station so that it demonstrates BART’s commitment to advancing transit ridership, improving the transit experience, reinforcing Powell St. as a gateway station, enhancing the quality of life around the stations and meeting BART’s needs for the future. The station modernization revolves around the themes of:

Vibrancy – Reflect the energy of the surrounding community and enhance the station’s existing strengths

Connectivity – Strengthen multi-modal and universal access to the station and promote a safe and comfortable customer experience

Sustainability – Incorporate sustainable materials and technologies into the station to increase the life-cycle value of the station’s infrastructure and to conserve natural resources and protect the public investment

The improvements focus on increasing safety, capacity, sustainability, appearance, and enhancing the customer experience. In developing potential improvements for the station, BART has undertaken a planning process to:

  • Identify existing station deficiencies
  • Consider impacts of development and growth on station ridership
  • Understand future access, capacity and operational issues
  • Consider art & place-making improvements
  • Coordinate conversation with stakeholders
  • Engage the community to help identify and prioritize improvements

Please Contact Tim Chan ([email protected]) with any questions or comments.

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