Explorer Program

BART Police Department Explorer Post #413

The BART Police Department's Explorer Program offers a unique opportunity to volunteer with many communities within the four counties that the BART District serves (Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and San Mateo counties). Our community includes an average weekday ridership of 325,000 passengers and over 3,000 BART employees.

BART Explorers will perform a wide variety of non-enforcement duties to assist the BART Police Department, while being tutored for a career in law enforcement.

After completing a training period, Explorers will be issued uniforms and equipment and will be expected to participate regularly in department activities, social events, community events, additional training, competitions, an Explorer training academy and department ride-alongs with BART police officers, Community Service Officers and Dispatchers. There are some costs associated with program participation; however no one will be denied participation in the program due to an inability to cover those costs.

The program is designed to provide the Explorers with the training, knowledge and skills to work closely and safely with the BART police department and the communities it serves.

Requirements and Qualifications

1. Possess a positive interest in the law enforcement career or one of community service.

2. Be a minimum of 14 (and completed the 8th grade) years of age to a maximum of 20 years at the time of their acceptance.

3. Be enrolled in high school or college.

4. If a student, maintain a grade point average of 2.0 for each course and 2.5 overall.

5. Be in good physical and mental condition.

6. Must have a clean police record.

7. Maintain a good driving record (if in possession of a driver license.

8. Be willing to be active and participate in explorer activities  

9. Be able to pass an oral board, background check and training examinations.

If you are interested in the BART Police Department's Explorer Program
please follow the instructions on the this pamphlet.