East Contra Costa BART Extension (eBART) - FAQ


What is eBART?

eBART is the rail system that continues the transit service from BART Pittsburg Bay/Point Station to the Hillcrest Station in Antioch. This rail system uses standard gage (4’-8 ½”) track with Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Vehicles.

Where will the new stations be located?

eBART will have two 2 stations: Pittsburg Center Station and Antioch Station.

Pittsburg Center Station is located in the State Route Highway 4 median near Railroad Ave. Access to the station will be from the Railroad Ave. overpass.

Antioch Station is located in the State Route Highway 4 median east of Hillcrest Ave.

Walkthrough animation can be viewed on the homepage of the project website. https://www.bart.gov/about/projects/ecc

When will Pittsburg Center and Antioch Station be open for service?

Revenue service is scheduled to begin on May 2018.

Will there be timed transfers/scheduled transfers with regular BART service at the Transfer Platform?

Yes. A eBART train will arrive shortly after the BART train arrives at the transfer platform.

How long is the train ride from Antioch Station to the Transfer Platform?

The train ride will take approximately 11 minutes.

Will there be station restroom?

Pittsburg Center Station will not have public restroom.

Antioch Station will have 1 women restroom and 1 men restroom.

When can I reserve parking at Pittsburg Center/Antioch Station?

Customers can sign up for monthly parking permits at Antioch Station on the BART Select a Spot system starting on January 25, 2018 at 11 a.m. https://www.select-a-spot.com/bart/

Alternatively, you can also check the parking page https://www.bart.gov/guide/parking for latest information on parking at BART.

How many parking stalls are there at Pittsburg Center/Antioch Station?

Pittsburg Center Station will have 250 parking stalls. The parking lot is located on Bliss Ave near the Railroad Ave. overcrossing at the existing Park-n-Ride lot.

Antioch Station will have about 1000 parking stalls.

What will the fares be at the new Station?

BART plans to extend its distance-based fare structure for Pittsburg Center and Antioch Stations.  BART has conducted Title VI public outreach events at North Concord BART Station, Antioch BART Parking Lot and Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station in August to receive public input on the proposed fares. The BART to Antioch Title VI Equity Analysis including an equity finding on fares will be presented to the BART Board in October 2017.  The BART Board is expected to approve fares by January 2018.

How will passenger pay/receive train tickets?

There will be ticketing vending machines (TVM) at Pittsburg Center Station and Antioch Station. The TVMs will dispense clipper cards with a one time $3 acquisition fee. The stations will accept magstrip tickets; however, these will not be sold at the stations.

What eBART construction remains?

Contractors are going thru the punchlist items of the Heavy Civil/Trackwork/Structures improvements.

Both stations have the remaining items in progress: Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Equipment installation, finishes and testing of the elevators, and punchlist items for station finishes and the maintenance facility. Escalator installation is in progress only at Antioch Station.

Systems installation is nearing completion is progressing to testing and integration.

The operational testing for Train Control System is currently being conducted.

What transit systems will connect to eBART?

Tri Delta Bus Service has bus stops in front of the Antioch Station. For more information on bus routes that connects with eBART, please visit Tri Delta website. http://trideltatransit.com/

The city of Pittsburg is currently designing a multimodal transportation facility just North of the station. For more information, please visit city of PIttsburg website: http://www.ci.pittsburg.ca.us/index.aspx?page=915

Who should I contact for other eBART questions?

Please see “Contact the Project” for any other additional questions relating to the eBART extension project.