East Contra Costa BART Extension Implementation

The eBART Project is under construction, having entered the implementation phase in cooperation with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), and Caltrans. The three partners, together with BART, are coordinating on design, construction and funding.

The efforts by CCTA and Caltrans to increase the capacity of the Highway 4 corridor include Caltrans construction of a median that will accommodate the eBART tracks. BART anticipates it will employ five contracts to implement the eBART project as follows:

Contract 04SF-110-A  -  Transfer Platform and Guideway

This contract includes guideway preparation; modifications to the existing BART tail tracks at the Pittsburg Bay Point Station; construction of a Transfer Platform for passenger movement between the eBART and BART trains; and an Ancillary Building with train control equipment.  


Contract 04SF-120  -  HIllcrest Parking Lot and Maintenance Facility

This contract includes a parking lot near the Hillcrest Avenue Interchange; construction of a portion of Slatten Ranch Road; site work and construction of the Maintenance Facility structure; and an access road to the Maintenance Facility. Construction is completed.


Contract 04SF-130  -  Trackwork, Systems, and Facility Finishes

This contract includes completion of the Maintenance Facility including the maintenance shop equipment, fueling facility, train washing facility, and an Operations Control Center; systemwide eBART signaling system; communications and information systems; security systems; completion of the eBART guideway including track and ballast; and station finishes for the Antioch Station and the Transfer Platform. Construction of Pittsburg Center Station is included.  


Contract 04SF-140  -  Vehicle Procurement

This contract includes procurement of eight eBART Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Vehicles with two options to procure an additional six vehicles. 


Contract 04SF-150  -  Rail Procurement

This contract includes procurement of rail, ties, special trackwork, and switch machines. 


Caltrans Contracts

Work being performed by Caltrans includes widening of the SR4 median to accommodate the eBART system; construction of the guideway and concrete barriers; construction of an access tunnel from the median of SR4 to the Maintenance Facility and; the Antioch Station elements including platform, a pedestrian overcrossing over SR4, and the Station Entry House.