MacArthur Plaza Improvements

MacArthur Plaza rendering

BART is making improvements to the plaza in front of the entrance to MacArthur Station.  The work kicked off in June 2018.

As of August 5, 2019, BART has opened a new secure bike station and has completed all improvements.

The entire project includes the construction of a new self-park bike station, removal of bulky landscaping planters, all new concrete flooring, lighting improvements, relocation of public art to improve circulation, installation of new seat walls and benches, and installation of security cameras.

The plaza improvements are part of the MacArthur Station mixed-use Transit Oriented Development project to redevelop and revitalize this underutilized area adjacent to our station to create a vibrant transit-oriented community that enhances bicycle and pedestrian use, with increased and enhanced access to the BART station and connecting public transit lines.

MacArthur excavator

Access Impacts During Construction

We will fence off the plaza in two separate phases and create a temporary pedestrian path to access the fare gates. 

Phase I (now complete)

During the first phase of construction bike racks and lockers will be moved to the north side of the plaza. Bus, taxi, and passenger pick-up/drop-off will not be affected. The first phase has been completed, as of November 26, 2018. (Please see more information about the Phase I completion below.) 

For much of this phase, shuttles will continue to stop in their current locations and pedestrians will be able to use the existing sidewalk to access the shuttles and the parking garage. 

On days when there is hauling of demolished concrete and pouring of new concrete, the access road will be narrowed to accommodate these activities. Pedestrians will be provided with a protected walkway and shuttles will stop on the access road closer to the garage. On days when there is no hauling or pouring of concrete the regular pedestrian route will be open.

Because of the narrowing of the access road, bicyclists will be asked to use an alternate route or walk their bicycles through the area as they will share the narrow walkway with pedestrians. 

The project is paid for by FTA and State grant funds as well as BART funds.

Phase II (now complete)

On Monday, November 26, 2018, BART moved to Phase II of the plaza improvements at MacArthur Station. The fences around the Phase I work area has been removed and new fencing will be up around the Phase II area. Please see the map below or click here.  We will have flag people on site to assist with the phasing.

The entire project includes the construction of a new, secure bike station, removal of planters, all new concrete plaza flooring, and lighting improvements.

During this phase of construction:

  • The 40th Street curb along the plaza will be closed and all curb activities will move back under the freeway.
  • AC Transit eastbound stop will be located mid-block between Martin Luther King Jr Way and the Access Road.
  • Bike parking will be returned to the south side of the plaza.
  • Passenger pick-up/drop-off will be located behind the taxis under the freeway. Hospital shuttles and Emery Go Round will remain in their usual place on the Access Road

MacArthur plaza map

Self Park Bike Station

The self park BikeLink bike station opened in May 2019 and accomodates 200 bicycles.

We will issue updated bulletins and update the information on this page as the work continues.

We know that this work will inconvenience you. We appreciate your patience.

The project is paid for by FTA and State grant funds as well as BART funds.


Project Manager
Wahid Amiri
[email protected]